Alienware 13 warranty

So, prior to I vented out here about what happened, I simply wanted to say up peak I'm not hating on the brand, or the PC itself, just Dell's customer company in general.

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About 2 days before my warranty was up, my Alienware 13 R3 (late 2017 variation via the quad core i7 & OLED touch) acts up and also offered me problems through throttling. I figured that would be the time to contact customer service prior to things got worse and also I lost my opportunity to perform much around it. It went REALLY well! I was impressed via how detailed everything was and also felt favor I, the customer, was treated well. They reput the battery, speaker, and also motherboard within the warranty via the representative "hooking me up" and informing me over the phone that the parts that have actually been reinserted have actually a year guarantee without needing to renew my warranty. This was all back in May of this year.

On Friday, I was searching the internet on my 13R3, when the fans suddenly kicked up and the laptop simply shut off. I tried to rotate it earlier on after a power flush and also opened up and detached the battery. I noticed then my brick didn't have actually the green light on so I tried a various outlet, the light of the brick turned on, and when I plugged in my lappeak, the light went off...I reattached the battery (it was totally charged btw), and came around the exact same results

Uh oh....

So I referred to as customer support for help, discovering full well that the motherboard had shorted and also the guy went through the dialogue tree of "have actually you tried unplugging it and also plugging it back in?" Whatever, I recognize they have a procedure that they need to go through before they might deduce the difficulty and also it's just a guy who's just doing his project. He ultimately obtained to the very same conclusion as I did and just told me that there is nopoint he can perform for me given that I did not rebrand-new my warranty. I asked him what can I do? This lapheight wasn't simply for gaming, it was my performance machine and also I rely on it for university!

He went on to empathize but ultimately couldn't offer me a component or enable me to sfinish it in for repair through their customer support. And that whoever before told me that the components replaced had actually a one year guarantee was wrong, and also to take it up via the "Out-of-warranty" department, WHICH DOESN'T HAVE A DEDICATED NUMBER TO CALL, and will contact me at their convenience. Which they haven't.

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I have actually not had the time to speak to earlier customer support, yet right currently, that's just a big screw you to the customer. I cannot believe that Dell/Alienware straight-up refused to organization my COMPUTER unmuch less I purchase a prolonged warranty.

I'll update my post afterwards, however I'm feeling melted by this agency. Not by their assets, but exactly how they treat their customers. I don't think I'll buy one more among their products aobtain, which is a shame bereason I really loved them...

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Tl;dr: Customer organization refused to service my lappeak that shorted on its own because I didn't have actually an extensive warranty. Gonna shot tomorrow, will certainly upday.

Edit 1: Also, feel totally free to give suggestions about exactly how I have to go around this, or if you think the difficulty through my lappeak is not what we think it is