Alec Benjamin freshly released his long-awaited mixtape Narrated For You. Now, he"s taking fans behind each track, detailing the lessons he"s learned thriving up.

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The 24-year-old singer is well-known for his catchy singles favor "Paper Crown" and"End of the Summer," as well as theupbeat "Boy in the Bubble" and disastrous "Let Me Down Slowly," the latter 2 of whichappearon the new mixtape.

In the 12-track release, Benjamin"s relatable stories oflove, friendship and the changes he"s gone through growing up take form alongsideemotional lyrics and easygoing melodies.

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Alec Benjamin

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Check out Benjamin"s breakdvery own of Narrated For You listed below.

"If We Have Each Other"I wrote this song for my sister. The first verse is around a girl I went to high school via, the second verse is about my grandparents, and also the third verse is around my parental fees and sister.

"Water Fountain"This was a song that I composed around among the initially girls I ever preferred and she told me that she loved me, but I wasn"t all set. Then later on, I still had actually feelings for her, yet having grvery own up, she had actually moved on and also was right into various other guys.

"Annabelle’s Homework"This song is around learning the tough lesboy that you cannot buy love. I composed this song around a time as soon as I did somebody’s homejob-related simply to win their affection and ended up getting my heart damaged.

"Let Me Dvery own Slowly"This song is about my initially partnership. I wanted to talk about one moment wbelow I felt particularly breakable, which is something I don"t think the majority of human being talk around.

"Swim"I wrote this song with among my closest friends, Julie Frost. This is a song we composed together totally from scrape our second time working together. This song is extremely special to me.

"The Boy in the Bubble"This song is around a time once I was bullied as a child. I thought it would certainly be interesting yet, to write the last verse from the bully"s perspective. I assumed seeing things from the bully"s side would be an interesting technique to the verse, bereason it is somepoint that we perform not talk about frequently enough.

"Steve""Steve" is a song that I created in my hotel room one night after a lengthy day of songwriting. I came ago to my room and the song simply popped out! Steve is around wanting the points you can’t have, even as soon as you have actually every little thing you require.

"Gotta Be A Reason""Gotta Be A Reason" was a song I wrote at a time when I was questioning a lot of things around life and thriving up. I created 2 personalities in the verses to display that also when you get older, you still ask questions.

"Outrunning Karma"I wrote this song about a friend of mine. I felt that he was living a way of life that would certainly eventually catch as much as him.

"Death of a Hero"This is about the day I realized I was not a son anyeven more. This song is around the downfall (in my eyes) of someone that I really looked approximately.

"If I Killed Someone For You""If I Killed Someone For You" is about transforming for someone you love. It"s a little bit of a various and also darker song for me.

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"1994"1994 is a coming of age song. In this song, I tried to encompass and explain certain events that shaped who I am this particular day.