Advanced systemcare icon missing

As shortly as I bought and also mounted this routine and ran it, all my icons and also thumbnails are gone. This has taken place on both my Windows 10 PC and also my Windows 7 COMPUTER. I have actually tried all the Microsoft fixes and nothing. I have actually invested HOURS on this through no luck--nopoint I execute restores the symbols or the thumbnails.

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You say you"ve tried all the microsoft fixes, yet have you tried the easy ideal click desktop and make sure that under view that the box alongside present desktop icons is ticked. Don"t understand if that"s your difficulty. however sometimes the basic stuff is the answer.


"...however have actually you tried the simple best click desktop computer and also make certain that under view that package next to present desktop computer icons is ticked." Yes--I always have symbol view turned on.




Sorry for the trouble you encountered. Please assist us investigate if the issue was caused by ASC and we will certainly likewise attempt to aid solve the issue.



1. What items did you run with the ASC before the concern came up?


2. Please sfinish us the screenshots of the worry so that we can check out it plainly.


Guide for taking a screenshot:


3. Downpack the tool from -> Double click to run this tool on the PC via problem and click "Save report". -> After it finishes, you will obtain a popup home window to tell you wright here the report file is conserved. Click "OK" button to open up that conserved folder. -> Sfinish the zipped file to us so that we have the right to acquire the detailed indevelopment to look into.


Thanks in advance.

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Posted December 31, 2016


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Posted December 31, 2016

Thanks for gaining back to me. Just got house and chose to try the "thumbnail fix" aobtain in the Winsolve food selection, and also it worked!! I think I didn"t reboot sufficient times last time I tried it.

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So far I am loving Modern SystemCare Ultimate--worth eextremely penny I paid and then some.


Happy New Year to you all!

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Cicely 273

Posted January 3, 2017


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Posted January 3, 2017



Glad to that the trouble was solved by yourself. You are good.



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