The Parks and Recreation star on the surprising role he nearly landed, his character's future, and also functioning through friends Paul Rudd and also Jon Hamm.

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Thirty-eight-year-old Adam Scott has actually been acting for virtually two decades, doing stints on established shows like Party of Five and also Boy Meets World, and also also landing a duty in a Martin Scorsese film (2004’s The Aviator). But it wasn’t till tiny functions in comedies choose Knocked Up and Tip Brothers ("I haven’t had a carb considering that 2004!") that he became something even more than a Hollywood That Guy. After nailing the disimpacted never-was actor-turned-catering-service-bartender role on the beloved cult hit Party Down, Scott seamlessly moved to the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, wbelow his character, budacquire manager Ben Wyatt, has come to be a dependably wry love interest for Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope. We chatted through Scott about his career’s evolution, the surpclimbing Parks function he nearly landed, and also the underground comedy fraternity that’s growing in Hollylumber appropriate currently. When you were cast on Parks and also Recreation you were still, technically, a member of the Party Down cast. It hadn’t been canceled yet. How did you initially get actors on Parks and also Rec?

Adam Scott: I actually auditioned for it before it was also on the air. I really wanted it and didn’t get it; I actually sort of blew it, and so I was obviously pretty upset—I really wanted to be a part of it from the beginning. So when the chance popped up again a pair years later on, I was really excited. I went and also had actually a meeting through Mike Schur, and then it all simply type of dropped into location from there.

Adam Scott: Well, they didn’t have any components yet. I think, I can be wrong around this, however I think they were sort of analysis actors just randomly, and also then sort of finding civilization they chosen and occurring parts about them. And I could be wrong about that, but I just gathered that from interviews via Mike. Tbelow was no part. Nick and I were reading the exact same scenes when we were going in and auditioning. So they were simply kind of analysis people and seeing what kinds of world interested them. Are you saying there’s an alternative universe where you are Ron Swanson?

Adam Scott: Or Nick is Ben Wyatt. It might occur. Maybe it will take place some day. How well did you recognize Mike beforehand?

Adam Scott: I didn’t at all, I simply met him that at that audition. So I didn’t really know him at all. But then a couple years later as soon as I went in, we had a meeting when I came in to meet him for this go-round, and also we obtained along really well. He’s a really nice guy and also we sort of have similar tastes in television and movies and also music. You know, we’re just sort of like, nerds in our 30s. I remember analysis around your spreading, and the method it was portrayed in the push was, "Oh my God, what’s going to happen to Party Down?"

Adam Scott: Yeah, you know, the display was around to be cancelled, and also they simply weren’t either going on the document or confirming it, yet the creating was on the wall for every one of us, ssuggest bereason they weren’t entirely confirming it, it made it a tiny tougher, however it was clear to everyone what was about to take place and so I simply type of jumped at the opportunity to sign up with up via Parks because I was really a big nerd for the present and for me it was a no-brainer just because it was a display that was currently going and also really functioning and it was a vast opportunity and I was excited. Did you recognize Amy Poehler beforehand also, and did you have actually a feeling of just how Ben was going to be positioned in her character’s life?

Adam Scott: No, not really. I expect, all Mike had told me around it was the backstory through a teenage mayor, which is such a terrific backstory. I had actually met Amy once previously at, I think backstage at SNL or at a party or somepoint prefer a year prior to then, yet didn’t understand her at all. But I kbrand-new Nick bereason Megan Mullally was on Party Down, so I kbrand-new Nick pretty well, and also I think had actually met everyone in the actors right here and also tright here, however no, didn’t really know anyone that well. This seachild is a tricky one for Ben and Leslie. What exactly is Ben doing in Pawnee if he is not through Leslie?

Adam Scott: Well, that’s the question. And I think that’s an amazing question, that’s a question that he starts asking himself and also starts going via some things in searching for that answer. And they number it out in some really hilarious ways, as they constantly carry out. Ben is shown as this nerd, at least in Tom’s eyes—Tom is constantly making fun of him—yet your character is like, the best-dressed guy on the show—

Adam Scott:

—and also actually seems pretty cool.

Adam Scott: Well, I think among the funny points about Pawnee is that no matter that it is, any kind of outsider might too be an alien landing from Neptune. They’re simply a ridiculous person if they don’t just think that Pawnee is the facility of the world. So I think no issue exactly how you dress or talk or just how funny you are or whatever, if you’re not from tbelow, automatically you’re just met with absolute suspicion. Like if you don’t think that Li’l Sebastian is the many vital being in the universe, there is something wrong through you. A few years earlier there was a trfinish item around just how you were the type of brother/gay finest friend du jour in movies— It was in USA Today.

Adam Scott: Oh, appropriate best appropriate right ideal. At the time, you seemed pretty Zen around it. Does it feel choose that time in your career is over?

Adam Scott: I think I had actually it cornered for favor, three weeks. Just enough time to print that newspaper.

Adam Scott: Yeah, precisely. I intend, I think that one’s simply bereason I was in 2 movies wright here I was someone’s brvarious other, prefer it was Will Ferrell’s brother of course in Tip Brothers and then Josh Hartnett’s brvarious other in this movie August, and also then I was J. Lo’s gay best frifinish in Monster-in-Law, so I think that’s where all that came from. I intend, I don’t think I was ever before typecast as any type of of those things bereason I don’t think tbelow was ever before the moment to typeactors me in anything bereason I was simply sort of trying to uncover my means, in a feeling. You’ve sort of been pretty aggressive around saying that you’re not well known at times, yet it does seem like that’s adjusted a lot.

Adam Scott: Well, you recognize, it’s weird, bereason when I think of someone that’s famed, you know, I think about—civilization that are actually renowned, their stays are a lot various than mine. Like, I acquire Parks and also Rec fans and Party Down fans coming up and also wanting to talk around the shows, which I’m even more than happy to do bereason they’re always super friendly, cool world. But civilization who are actually renowned, who are walking roughly via TMZ adhering to them and also stuff, that’s a whole different point, so I would speak brief of saying I’m famed and also maybe say that I’m famous among civilization that choose funny, nerdy points. One point that’s been cool is that also as you’ve operated even more and done more, you’ve constantly made time to pop up on tiny points too, like Children’s Hospital, or an episode or two of Eastbound & Down; is that something that you’re still trying to carry out, carry out you still have time to perform that type of thing?

Adam Scott: Yeah, among the things I love around the past few years of doing the majority of this comedy, even more comedy stuff is just the entirety sort of neighborhood, in L.A. at least, of UCB, and also there’s kind of a comedy area out below that’s really supportive, so we all aid out with each other’s stuff and execute each other’s reflects, and little bit bits at UCB and also stuff favor that and it’s really, really fun. So yeah, I love simply jumping in and doing, prefer I did NTSF:SD:SUV for my buddy Paul Scheer and he came and also did Party Down, and Children’s Hospital is, I think, among the finest reflects on tv, and I gained to execute that. You recognize, I love doing all that stuff. And Eastbound, I’m going to get to go perform an additional among those pretty quickly. As you’ve carved out this comedy niche, execute you miss doing some of the more major work you were doing a lot earlier in your career?

Adam Scott: Not really, bereason I feel prefer the stuff favor Party Down and also Parks, at leastern, they both are incredibly grounded reflects, you know? They’re not insane, following in an different universe; they’re grounded mirrors via genuine people on them. And so I feel choose, while hilarious, they both have a actual feeling of truth to them and I acquire the very same satisfactivity doing them as I did once I was doing somepoint more serious. So for me, it’s far more satisfying because it’s via a really fun team of human being and also we acquire to play real characters that remind us of real people that we recognize in our resides and also at the exact same time we obtain all this good, hilarious creating that we gain to play, you know? Is that additionally true for upcoming film, Friends with Kids?

Adam Scott: Yeah, Jen Westfeldt composed the manuscript and directed it and stars in it and also just does a phenomenal job, and she really wrote a heartbreaking manuscript that’s extremely funny, yet likewise just really lovely, and also I found it really moving. And so yeah, there’s most that. You know, you have Kristen Wiig and also Maya Rudolph and also Chris O’Dowd and Hamm and all these hilarious world in it, so there’s many funny stuff in it, however it’s additionally fairly poignant. It’s a really good movie, I’m really proud of it. I’m curious about your frifinish circle through Paul Rudd and also John Hamm—it’s come to be type of a Rat Pack for comedy nerds. Does that seem ridiculous to you?

Adam Scott: Yes. Is it untrue?

Adam Scott: No, not really. But it is ridiculous as soon as you think just a few years back, we were just type of sitting in a bar making dick jokes and also no one was listening. You recognize, it’s wonderful because we acquire to execute fun stuff together now yet at the same time, it’s the same. We’re simply, I don’t recognize, I don’t really think of it like that. It still feels the same, however I guess we’re all simply a tiny busier currently. Do you guys want to continue to collaborate?

Adam Scott: Oh, totally. Absolutely, as a lot as feasible. I love functioning via friends; it’s my favorite point to perform. I’ve found over the years that that ends up being the ideal means to spfinish my time. If I’m going to be ameans from my household, I’d fairly it be functioning with my friends. So being on Parks and also Party Down and also doing Friends through Kids, it’s really lucky that I get to perform it through civilization that I dearly love. Do you compose at all, or carry out you aspire to write?

Adam Scott: You know, I actually created a Funny or Die short that I also directed, and also I’m just kind of finishing editing best now, and it have to be up in a few weeks. I don’t know if it’s going to be any kind of good, yet it was really fun to do and I got to do it again via a friend, Ken Marino and also Mark Duplass are in it. So it was really a satisfying, fun day to shoot this stupid thing. I think it’ll be up in the following month or somepoint, yet it was really fun. But I don’t understand if it qualifies as actually composing because it’s 10 pperiods lengthy, so me calling myself a writer would certainly be a fraud, however I did actually form something into a computer and print it out and hand also it to civilization and then we swarm it. But calling myself a writer I think might be a little bit of a stretch. Would you want to compose a attribute or a show of some kind?

Adam Scott: I don’t know, you recognize, I don’t know if I have the attention expectations or the patience, or the ability. You know, creating is really hard, and also it takes a real patience and also a skill. I don’t know if I have actually that. I admire it in others, so much, and I envy it.

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