Active directory password attribute

I"ve check out a tiny about the topic of the userPassword attribute in ADVERTISEMENT and also exactly how it have the right to be collection as a write-alias for unicodePwd.

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We"re considering moving from OpenLDAP to ADVERTISEMENT. I can extract the userPassword from OpenLDAP as a salted hamelted string sshablabla... My question is, can I then set this password "as is" in the userPassword attribute of AD via write-alias activated, and have that then update the unicodePwd attribute automatically? Or does the userPassword field intend passwords in clear?

Basically is tbelow any type of means I deserve to deliver the user passwords from OpenLDAP to AD?


I don"t believe it have the right to be done, due to the reality that the hash is not reversible and is salted.

Typically, also in between ADVERTISEMENT domain names, tools that perform this intercept the password change request at the domajor controller level and also execute the change on both domains at the exact same time, it is not done via a synchronization of the actual LDAP attribute information.

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I"d indicate investigating choices such as a web interchallenge wbelow human being could authenticate versus the old LDAP that would grab the password and also collection it in AD, or somepoint equivalent.



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