Acer aspire remove keyboard

Once the keyboard begins popping out of location use your hand also to save the part that has actually been detached from the lappeak in the air.

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Once the keyboard has actually been separated from the body of the lapheight closely lift the keyboard up and tilt it forward, leaving it to rest on the laptop as displayed.


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I"m more than likely going to have to rearea my 5253 keyboard, and this guide is head and also shoulders over anypoint else I"ve checked out. However before, I"m stuck on step 8.

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It states "push the tabs ... in". Is that "in", interpretation "ameans from the keyboard ago right into the chassis"?

Then, "pull up on the edge of the keyboard". Do I pull up through the tweezers somehow?

On what? The photo on action 8 reflects working on the middle tab. Presumably the tabs closer to the left edge have actually currently been pushed in? I"m not acquiring past that initially tab on the top-left.

Any aid would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Gently pull the tiny white bar that holds the wires in place that host the key-board in the direction of you one side at a time so you don’t break the wires accidentally! Be extremely careful when moving the tiny white bar so you don’t break the wires that attach to the keyboard! It is not tough at all! It only takes about 10-12 second to move the small white bar towards you! When you can’t relocate the tiny white bar any kind of better towards you then you understand it’s safe to rerelocate the keyboard!

Thanks….this overview was really useful for me to change my key board

John H 10 -25-2017

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