Acer aspire one replace hard drive

Use this overview to relocation the difficult drive in the Acer Aspire One ZG5. After rerelocating the motherboard, the hard drive is easy to relocation.

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Lift peak of keyboard up. If it doesn"t lift quickly, tbelow might be tabs on the sides - use the tool to ease them aside and/or shift the key-board from side to side.

Starting at the red rings alengthy the hinge, insert a spudger or plastic opening tool right into the seam in between the two halves of the case.

Slide the spudger toward the front of the device, releasing the small clips that organize dvery own the peak situation.

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This guide aided a lot through refurbishing my old ZG5. It currently has a situation that is not cracked, 1.5 GB memory, and a 240GB SSD. I obtain to put off Windows 10 for a while longer.

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Thanks a lot! i currently upgrade memory from 1 to 1.5 on my acer. But i have actually a question, does the aoa 150 functions faster through a ssd disk? i want to attempt with among 240 gb. Anyone try it?

Not the most basic upgrade I"ve ever done (probably the many difficult, actually), but I acquired it done. Rerelocating the key-board was the trickiest action for me. Be patient. If you have the right to work one of the corner releases, you deserve to put a flat-blade screwdriver under the corner of the key-board and job-related on the various other releases (founding at the far corner, then the centre).

The other tricky difficulty I had actually was gaining the bit ribbon cable for the trackpad properly reconnected after completing the job. (I assumed the key-board cable would be the tricky component, however it turns out to be pretty simple.) Be patient and you"ll be fine. You may want to test (with a mouse handy) prior to you reinsert the key-board.

Thanks exceptionally much for this howto!

I had actually one of these bit beasts that my boy provided away about 6 years back. The perkid he gave it to reverted it to him a month later bereason it would not rotate on. It was a situation of the boot sector difficulty that plagues the ZG5. I perdeveloped the repair defined on the Acer internet website and it has actually been running fine ever since. After installing Linux Mint (dual boot), it was lastly offered away aobtain last summer. Now it seems it is coming back to me. This could be the moment to upgrade it through an SSD. Thanks for this tutorial. I will probably be making usage of it over the following few weeks.

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