Acer aspire one keyboard replacement

Replacing the keyboard of the Acer Aspire One A110 is exceptionally straightforward. It takes five minutes and also does not call for any type of special tooling. While we"re showing you how to execute it, we"ll likewise provide you a trick to work approximately a style fregulation that frequently reasons Aspire One key-boards to sheight functioning in the first place.

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These instructions and also photographs are for the original A110, yet it need to also work just fine with the ZG5, AO751H and many type of, many kind of other Aspire Ones.

The how-to

Step 1: Find the keyboard retaining clips

There are three clips simply over the keyboard. One is over the F2 vital, one is over F8, and also one is over the Pause/Break and also Insert secrets. They"re arrowed here:


Push these clips in with a small, thin level object; a flat-bladed precision screwdriver will certainly execute incredibly well, if you have actually one. As you carry out this, you should alert that the height of the keyboard will certainly pop loose.


Other Aspire Ones may have 4 clips; we rejiyuushikan.orggnize the AO751h does

Step 2: Liberate the keyboard

Once the peak of the key-board is jiyuushikan.orgmplimentary, you have to be able to lift the key-board amethod from the instance (you still have actually a ribbon cable underneath to unperform, so do not yank it amethod too hard!).


Tright here are what appear to be 2 clips on the side that you do not have to undo; the innate flex of the keyboard will certainly encertain that these will not interfere via rerelocating it. Here"s among them:


Tip 3: Rerelocate the ribbon cable

The ribbon cable for the key-board is latched in place. Here"s the clip:


Lift the babsence jiyuushikan.orgmponent of the clip; it"s hinged and it rotates along the size of the clip. Remove the ribbon cable, and also your keyboard will now be free.

You can want to keep your old keyboard in situation among your brand-new keys breaks off and also gain lost.

Top: old keyboard. Bottom: New one.

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Step 4: Card Trick!

Here is the secret trick to obtain more life out of your keyboard! We"ll discuss why this functions later, but for now, you have to reduced out a square item of thin card (UK train ticket thickness is fine), a little bit broader than the width of the keyboard ribbon. It should look somepoint choose this:

Subtle plug!

It should jiyuushikan.orgver the edge of the gap in the casing (silver) over which the ribbon cable passes to gain to its clip.

Tip 5: Fit your new ribbon cable


No surprises here; slide the ribbon cable of your brand-new cable into the slot and also push the black clip down to organize it in place. This is a zero-insertion-pressure slot, i.e. it must require no force at all to slide right into location if the black clip is undone. (Check your new keyboard"s ribbon for protective tape on the tip!)

Tip 6: Fit the new keyboard

You desire to slide the bottom of the key-board in location first. Tbelow are 4 notches in the casing, via equivalent protrusions on the keyboard. Here"s one of the notch/protrusion pairs:


Once the bottom of the key-board is in place, sindicate press the peak of the keyboard down and also it"ll clip right into location.

You"re done! Enjoy acquiring many type of more years of life out of your A110!

Sometimes, because of wear or previous removals of the key-board, one or more of the clips at the peak will refusage to clip in location. If so, just put some double-sided sticky tape underneath that jiyuushikan.orgmponent of the keyboard to organize it in location, and also put a weight on top of it for an hour or so to ensure that it"s stuck firmly in area. (If this sounds crude: It is! But did you know that this is exactly how iPads are held together? We found this out the fun way!)

Where execute I buy a keyboard?


As of beforehand 2013, the key-boards for the A110 are readily easily accessible brand new, and also incredibly cheap; they are much less than £10 shipped in the UK from eBay. For those of you in the UK, a little digging with this search will disjiyuushikan.orgver you one.

The design flaw

A architecture flegislation through the A110, and other Aspire Ones jiyuushikan.orgnsisting of the AO751, is that the keyboard ribbon gets creased versus the gap in the housing (the gap which offers you accessibility to the slot right into which the keyboard ribbon goes). You can see the crease that develops in this photograph:


This will just bejiyuushikan.orgme obvious after either extremely hefty usage or many type of removals of the keyboard (in our case, it"s a mix of both), but inevitably this will certainly cause the keyboard to sheight functioning properly. A symptom of this is that some tricks will certainly occupational and also others will not. Sadly, you cannot replace the ribbon cable by itself. Sometimes making use of a plastic splint and sellotape remedies this, for a time.

This was the function of the piece of card earlier; it gives a smovarious other "ramp" for the ribbon to remainder against. This must give you many years of added use out of your keyboard!


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