Accidentally uninstalled bluetooth windows 10

In an initiative to repair my Bluetooth link after updating Windows 10, I accidentally uninstalled Bluetooth. Now every little thing claims the computer system is not Bluetooth qualified. I have currently downloaded the manufacturer (HP) driver and also tried to install, however Bluetooth is unset up so the driver will not update. Is tright here a method to reinstall Bluetooth without having actually to reinstall Windows 10?

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In reply to Greg Carmack - MVP 2010-2020's short article on February 14, 2018

Thanks for your response Greg. I actually uninstalled it from device manager on accident. I was following a support procedure to solve bluetooth connectivity issues that involved finding the BT tool using the show surprise gadgets option in gadget manager. It was subordinated under a parent tool, and also I accidentally deleted the BT when I intended to delete the parent gadget. So now there is no bluetooth on the computer system at all. Is my just choice to reinstall windows 10? Will that even fix it? Thanks aacquire for your help!



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In reply to BrianBailey4's post on February 14, 2018
Brian, tright here is still a bluetooth device on your computer, it just can absence a driver, that"s all. I simply provided you a list of things to attempt. Have you began yet? If those don"t work-related then I"ll proceed to aid you till it"s functioning aobtain. But you need to actually percreate the steps I provide.
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I"m not by the computer system at this minute, it"s at my office and also I"m at home. I wasn"t expecting an answer so fast. You asked me just how precisely I deleted BT in your response, which was what I was answering. I will attempt the troubleshooter tomorrow morning. When I tried to install the updated driver every little thing went normally until it actually would begin the install, then the home window would certainly just close and nothing would take place. This would certainly occur right as it began to install the driver, and also after that tright here was no adjust in the state of BT availcapacity on the computer system. It also still does not show up in gadget manager all over, also under hidden gadgets.
What is the specific make and model?Open Start, type: device informationHit EnterClick System summaryLook in the right paneCopy the device sku information into reply here.
Brian, the driver download could be corrupted. Can we check out the download link? Try downloading and install it aobtain, appropriate click Setup to Run as Admin. It have to at least install and also then error if it is not the appropriate driver or otherwise stops working.

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Hey Greg,

I ran the troubleshooter and also it pops up a home window saying "tool does not have Bluetooth".