“Accidental Icon: The Real Gidobtain Story,” a documentary created, directed and also developed by Brian L. Gillogly, will certainly be screened at the Sundisplay Film Festival at 3 p.m., Saturday, at the Hermosa Beach Community Theater, Kathy “Gidget” Zuckermale and also pro surfer Carla Rowland also will sign up with the two-time Emmy-winning director for concerns and also answers after the screening.

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The documentary explores the story of the real Gidacquire, Kathy Zuckerman, and the advancement of the Gidobtain icon in film and on TV, and its influence on surfing and society. The film has actually screened from Noosa, Australia, to Coco Beach, Florida, to record-breaking crowds.

Gidacquire thrived up in Pacific Palisades, the daughter of Academy Award winning screenwriter Frederick Kohner. His novel Gidget: The Little Girl through Big Ideas, was published in 1957 and also is credited through popularizing surfing.

Gillogly learned to surf in the South Bay and also watched his first surf films at the Pier Avenue Junior High auditorium in Hermosa Beach. Years later on, as a student at UCLA, he helped regional surf film makers, including Hal Jepkid, Scott Dittrich and also Tuzo Jerger, display their films at Pier Ave.

Local surfers Holly Beck and also Shelly Meistrell are featured in the documentary and also veteran Manhattan Beach editor Brian Denny facilitated the edting.


Producer Brian L. Gillogly via the actual Gidgain, Kathy Zuckermale.

ER: How did you involved carry out a documentary about Gidget?

BG: I met the Kathy Zuckerman in 1980 when I was rebrowsing a attribute for Surfer Magazine around Hollywood’s connection with surfing. The thrust of the write-up was that many type of Hollyhardwood notables surfed. A footnote was that tright here was an actual Gidgain, Kathy Kohner Zuckerguy, the daughter of Frederick Kohner that composed the landnote 1957 novel, “Gidget.”

In 1999, it dawned on me that Kathy’s story would certainly make an inspirational documentary. My own daugther was eight then and I likeed the concept that, like Gidgain, she could be whatever before she wanted to be if she collection her mind to it.

ER: How did the task evolve over the years?

BG: My original assumed was to facility it totally on Kathy. But as I obtained deeper into the job I realized that the story is bigger than one perchild. Kathy is part of the symbol, but so were the film and TV Gidgets, particularly Sandra Dee of the orginal attribute film <1959>, Deborah Wally of “Gidget Goes Hawaiian” <1961> and also, of course, Sally Field, the TV “Gidget” <1965>. Although each portrayal was a tiny various, they all mutual a wonderful feeling of enthusiasm as they forged into the man’s human being of surfing. The Malibu pit crew and also the Hollylumber directors who lugged the movies and TV series to life all had distinct insights into the true story.

ER: What was the best surpincrease of the project?

BG: You would not think just how many womales that, as soon as I pointed out the task, shelp, “Oh, I love Gidgain.” This was especially true of those who grew up via Sally Field’s “Gidobtain.” They were significantly motivated by the character, plus the present harkened back to a much more carefree time in their stays. Many type of of them never before made it to Malibu or went surfing, yet the Gidget girl still lives inside them.

ER: How was it functioning via Kathy, the real Gidget?

BG: I’ve invested numerous time via Kathy, to the suggest that I feel component of her extfinished family. Kathy is still that spunky surfer girl, which can occasionally make acquiring along with her, well, exciting. Of course, if she didn’t have actually that spunk, tbelow never before would have been a Gidget in the first location.

For more about the Sundisplay Film Festival and also “Accidental Icon: the Real Gidacquire Story” visit ssffwest.com.

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