The renowned IB Diploma History series, combining compelling narratives through academic rigor.

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An authoritative and also engaging narrative, through the widest range of sources at this level, helping students to develop their expertise and also analytical skills.


- Reliable, clear and in-depth content from topic experts

- Analysis of the historiography neighboring essential debates

- Dedicated exam exercise via version answers and also practice questions

- TOK support and also Historical Investigation inquiries to aid via all facets of the Diploma


" data-aspectratio="0.7733333333333333" data-sizes="auto" class="lazypack attachment-shop_catalog size-shop_catalog" alt="IB Business Management 4th Edition (New and Updated 2018) - IBSOURCE">
" data-aspectratio="0.7688022284122563" data-sizes="auto" class="lazypack attachment-shop_magazine size-shop_catalog" alt="9781471841347, Access to History for the IB Diploma: Causes and results of 20th-century wars Second Edition">
" data-aspectratio="0.7688022284122563" data-sizes="auto" class="lazyfill attachment-shop_brochure size-shop_catalog" alt="9781471839290, ccess to History for the IB Diploma: The Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalries 2nd Edition">

Access to History for the IB Diploma: The Cold War: Superpower tensions and also rivalries 2nd Edition

" data-aspectratio="0.7953890489913544" data-sizes="auto" class="lazyfill attachment-shop_catalog size-shop_catalog" alt="9780198310181: Oxford IB Diploma Programme: The Move to Global War Course Companion">
" data-aspectratio="0.7953890489913544" data-sizes="auto" class="lazypack attachment-shop_catalog size-shop_catalog" alt="9781108810654, Economics for the IB Diploma Digital Coursebook (2 Years)">

Access to History for the IB Diploma: The Second World War and also the Americas 1933-1945 2nd Edition


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