Ac3 to aac

AC3 audio can be used in many video containers consisting of MP4 and MKV. But, the compatibility of AC3 audio is poor, which indicates you might can"t hear the sound once playing MKV/MP4 videos, specifically on QuickTime, iTunes, as well as iPhone, iPad, etc. So, civilization are searching for a way to transform audio in MP4/MKV from AC3 to AAC, as those media tools have the right to decode AAC tracks. Next off, we will show you the detailed guide to convert AC3 audio to AAC in MP4/MKV, with maintaining the video specifically as it is.

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A Video Converter is Needed to Finish the Conversion

Actually, there are many AC3 to AAC converters you deserve to find digital. Video Converter Ultimate, the software program we are going to present now, is no exemption. This converter can convert audio in AC3 format to AAC format while retaining the original video format.

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In addition, a three-hundred-format option deserve to additionally accomplish your must transform AC3 to FLAC, MP3, MP2, M4A etc. And the point is that you can simply transform the audio track without altering the video format.

No issue you are converting your AC3 audio to AAC, or converting video to various other formats, its 6X convariation speed will certainly definitely accomplish you as well as save you a lot time. Even after convariation, your audio or video won"t get any kind of damperiods. You can still obtain a high definition video through great sound after convariation.

3 Steps - Convert Audio in MP4/MKV from AC3 to AAC

Since we have actually an as a whole expertise of Video Converter Ultimate, let"s check out exactly how it works as soon as we need to transform AC3 soundtrack to AAC.

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# Tip 1. Import Your MKV/MP4 Video through AC3 Track

Download this regime and also install it on computer system. Then open it and also click on "Add Files" to import your MP4/MKV videos. You can also drag and drop the tarobtain file to the interconfront.


# Tip 2. Change AC3 Audio to AAC

Open "Convert All to" drop-down list and also select an output format. Then click the "Settings" icon to open the "Profile Settings" home window. Then, you deserve to change the AC3 audio to AAC from "Audio Settings" > "Encoder".

In addition, please make sure that the output video format is the same via your resource video.

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# Tip 3. Convert AC3 to AAC in MP4/MKV Video

Back to the primary interchallenge of Video Converter Ultimate and also click on the "Convert All" switch to transform your AC3 soundtrack to AAC format. And shortly you will obtain video via AAC audio format.


Follow the procedures above, through a couple of clicks, you deserve to transform your audio in MKV/MP4 video from AC3 to AAC. As a experienced video converter, Video Converter Ultimate is definitely dependable and also trusteady. Try to get your own one and have actually a try!