A overview on the areas for all Murder Mysteries and also their solutions.


In Assassin"s Creed Unity, murder mysteries are one of the many kind of side activities in the game, yet unchoose many of the others, these execute not appear on the map ssuggest by synchronising at ideologies. The tutorial one, Murder Foretold, is located in the centre of the map near the Notre Dame, and does appear on your map, yet the others execute not, which is the factor for the development of this guide.

A Dash of Poison

Solution: Samuel Maran

Ancestral Vengeance

Solution: Anne de Molay

Barber of Seville

Solution: Ficarron

Bones of Contention

Solution: Jamie

Cut the Middle Man

Solution: Simon Larue the butcher"s assistant

Hot Chocolate to Die For

Solution: Amelie Monvoisin

Murder Foretold

Solution: Friar Honoré

The Assassicountry of Jean-Paul Marat

Solution: Charlotte Courday

The Body in the Brothel

Solution: The Valet

The Body Politic

Solution: Antoine Gerard

The Death of Philibert Aspairt

Solution: Sister Sorel

The Decapitated Warden

Solution: Deputy Warden

The Hand of Science

Solution: Professor Frison

The Red Ghost of the Tuileries

Solution: Counselor LeGall

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