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AAC is an updated version of MP3, and also the sound quality is much better at the exact same audio little bit price. It was widely supplied as a sepaprice file and also into the audio component of video. If your MP4 video with AAC audio can’t be played well in your residence theater, you deserve to convert AAC to AC3 format to resolve this difficulty. A useful tool - HD Video Converter Factory Pro - will help you to execute it perfectly. Just keep reading.

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Q: Recently, I have an AAC 6 channel audio from an MKV file and also it plays pretty well on my phone, but currently I want to gain it at my residence theater. I should transform it to AC3 format as my house theater deserve to decode AC3 to 5.1 speaker. It cannot decode AAC straight.

A: As you understand, AAC is a default or typical audio format for YouTube, iTunes, HDTV, portable players, Mobile phones, and so on However before, in some instances, as soon as you play MKV or MP4 video with AAC audio in a specific gadget, you will discover this gadget is unable to decode AAC directly bereason it only shows a video without sound. In this instance, converting AAC to AC3 will certainly fix this problem at as soon as. And in this short article, I will certainly present you an AAC file to AC3 converter through the original audio quality preserved.

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HD Video Converter Factory Pro

In order to transform AAC to AC3 without any limitations, a basic and expert converter is a have to. HD Video Converter Factory Pro is highly recommfinished. It supports over 300 digital styles conversion, such as MKV, MP4, WAV, ALAC, AAC, AC3…, and also gadgets, for instance SONY, Mcrosoft, LG, ect. It additionally can come it true converting format of video, such as MP4 to AVI or MKV to MPG. Download it currently.


As a multifunctional video & audio converter, HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers us a straightforward strategy to convert .aac to .ac3, which is particularly suitable for brand-new beginners. And it has actually no complex terms and also does not require tough operations, so you have the right to simply end up it by clicking via your computer mouse.

 Before start, please free downloadtotally free downpack the software program and install it on your computer.

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The complying with guide will present you just how to transform AAC to AC3. Just check it out.



Step 1. Add the Video Data with AAC Audio Track

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro and also open Converter module. Firstly, you deserve to click “Add Files” button, then open up the folder to add video papers that contains AAC audio tracks on your computer system, or directly drag the tarobtain files into the interface of this regimen. Beyond that, you can choose more taracquire files, given that this regimen is able to adjust AAC audio to AC3 in batch mode.


Step 2. Choose the Output Format

On the right side, clicking the Output Style, you can select your original format MKV. You likewise have the right to convert MKV to MP4, MKV to AVI, MKV to MOV or various other video formats sustaining AC3 track under Video Tab. If you desire to convert an AAC audio file to AC3, simply select AC3 profile under Audio tab.

Tip 3. Change .aac to .ac3

 Then click “Parameters Settings” and also pick “AC3” in the audio encoder. If your original video had actually 5.1 networks, you can select 6 networks in the “Channel” list. Specially, you have the right to normalize audio, and rise volume below.

Step 4. AAC file to AC3 Converter Works

Finally, specify a destination folder to conserve the converted file. In the best bottom corner, there is a “Run” switch. Now you just should click it to convert AAC to AC3, after done you have the right to uncover your converted documents in the Output folder.

At last...

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When you finish analysis this artiche, it’s so easy for you to master the method of converting AAC to AC3. At exact same time, if you are not satisfied with your high quality of video, you can additionally boost video top quality by converting SD to HD. I think HD Video Converter Factory Pro is basic for you to manage, exactly how around you?

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