A workbook that has been marked as final:

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Before sharing a workbook, you'll want to make sure it doesn't include any spelling errors or indevelopment you want to store personal. Fortunately, Excel includes several devices to help finalize and protect your workbook, consisting of Spell Check and the Document Inspector

Optional: Downpack our exercise workbook.

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To use Spell Check:From the Review tab, click the Spelling command.
Clicking the Spelling command
The Spelling dialog box will show up. For each spelling error in your worksheet, Spell Check will certainly attempt to market suggestions for the correct spelling. Choose a pointer, then click Change to correct the error.

Using Spell Check to correct spelling errors

If tbelow are no proper suggestions, you have the right to also enter the correct spelling manually.

Ignoring spelling "errors"

Spell Check isn't always correct. It will certainly periodically note particular words as incorrect, even if they're spelled correctly. This often happens via names, which may not be in the dictionary. You can choose not to change a spelling "error" utilizing among three options:

Ignore Once: This will skip the word without changing it.Ignore All: This will certainly skip the word without changing it and likewise skip all various other instances of the word in your worksheet.Add: This adds the word to the dictionary so it will certainly never appear as an error aget. Make sure the word is spelled appropriately before picking this option.

Document Inspector

Whenever before you develop or modify a workbook, certain personal information might be added to the file instantly. You have the right to use the Document Inspector to rerelocate this type of information before sharing a workbook through others.

Due to the fact that some transforms may be long-term, it's a great idea to conserve a secondary copy of your workbook before making use of the Document Inspector to remove indevelopment.

To use the Document Inspector:Click the File tab to accessibility Backstage view.From the Info pane, click Check for Issues, then choose Inspect Document from the drop-dvery own food selection.
Clicking Inspect Document
The Document Inspector will certainly show up. Check or uncheck boxes, depending upon the content you desire to evaluation, then click Inspect. In our instance, we'll leave everything selected.

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Inspecting the workbook
The inspection results will certainly appear. In our instance, we have the right to check out that our workbook includes some individual indevelopment, so we'll click Remove All to remove that information from the workbook.
Removing individual indevelopment from the workbook
When you're done, click Close.
Cshedding the Document Inspector

Protecting your workbook

By default, anyone through access to your workbook will certainly have the ability to open, copy, and also edit its content unmuch less you protect it. Tbelow are many type of various methods to defend a workbook, depending upon your demands.

To safeguard your workbook:Click the File tab to access Backstage view.From the Info pane, click the Protect Workbook command also.In the drop-dvery own food selection, select the option that finest suits your requirements. In our example, we'll pick Mark as Final. Marking your workbook as last is an excellent means to discourage others from modifying the workbook, while the other choices provide you even even more manage if essential.
Selecting Mark as Final
A dialog box will appear, prompting you to conserve. Click OK.

Clicking OK to conserve the workbook
Another dialog box will show up. Click OK.
Clicking OK
The workbook will certainly be noted as last.

A workbook noted as final

Marking a workbook as final will certainly not proccasion someone from editing it. If you want to prevent civilization from modifying it, you can usage the Restrict Access choice instead.


Run the Spell Check to correct any kind of spelling errors in the workbook.Use the Document Inspector to inspect the workbook. If you are utilizing the instance, remove all personal indevelopment from the workbook.

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Protect the workbook by marking it as last.