This a rotational kinematics difficulty since we have actually an acceleration. We"ll require the rotational kinematics equations.

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Rotational kinematic equations:

ωf=ω0 + αt∆θ=12(ω0+ωf)t∆θ=ω0t +12αt2ωf2=ω02+2α∆θ

(a) the angular velocity transforms from -6.00 rad/s to +4.00 rad/s. This indicates that the angular acceleration should be positive because the angular velocity is becoming more positive.


A wheel is rotating around an axis that is in the z-direction. The angular velocity z is -6.00 rad/s at t = 0, boosts livirtually with time, and also is +4.00 rad/s at exttiptt = 12.0 s . We have actually taken counterclockwise rotation to be positive.

(a) Is the angular acceleration throughout this time interval positive or negative?

(b) How lengthy is the moment interval during which the speed of the wheel is increasing?

(c) How lengthy is the moment interval throughout which the speed of the wheel is decreasing?

(d) What is the angular displacement of the wheel from t = 0 s to exttiptt = 12.0 s ?

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