Uterine prolapse (likewise dubbed descensus or procidentia) implies the uterus has descended from its normal place in the pelvis farther dvery own right into the vagina. See picture listed below.

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Regular uterus versus a prolapsed uterus.

Uterine prolapse is one type of pelvic organ prolapse (POP), and it is the second most common after cystourethrocele (bladder and urethral prolapse). Other kinds of pelvic body organ prolapse are enterocele (prolapse of the small bowel), rectocele (prolapse of the rectum or huge bowel), and also vaginal vault prolapse.


Uterine prolapse was first recorded on the Kahun papyri (primitive Egyptian text mentioning mathematical and also medical topics) in around 2000 BC. Its many type of fragments were found by Flinder Petrie in 1889. Hippocprices defined numerous nonsurgical treatments for this problem. In 98 BC, Soranus of Rome first described the removal of the prolapsed uterus once it became babsence. <1>

Pregnancy and also childbirth

Pregnancy is thought to be the main reason of pelvic organ prolapse. It can happen automatically after pregnancy or 30 years later. Many type of determinants prefer the weight of the baby, the physical trauma of labor, and also birth stresses have the right to strain the pelvic muscles and ligaments. Several of the damaged muscles and also ligaments will certainly never before totally reobtain their strength and elasticity. <2>

Large fibroids or tumors

Woguys that have big fibroids or pelvic tumors are at an boosted danger of prolapse.

Aging and also menopause

The ageing procedure further weakens the pelvic muscles, and the natural reduction in estrogen at menopausage likewise reasons muscles to become much less elastic.

Chronic coughing, constipation, or straining

Chronic coughing, from smoking cigarettes, asthma, or bronchitis, or the straining connected with constipation, rises the danger of prolapse because it may eventually threaten the pelvic support frameworks.

Heavy lifting

Heavy lifting deserve to likewise strain and damages pelvic muscles, and woguys in careers that involve regular hand-operated labor or lifting, such as nursing, have an raised threat of prolapse.

Genetic conditions

Womales via a hereditary collagen deficiency (Marfan syndromeorEhlers-Danlos syndrome) have actually an enhanced threat of prolapse also if they perform not have actually any type of of the various other danger components.

Previous pelvic surgery

Pelvic surgical procedure, for instance bladder repair procedures, might damages nerves and also tconcerns in the pelvic area boosting the threat of prolapse.

Spinal cord injury and also various other muscular atrophy conditions

Spinal cord injury and also problems such as muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis boost the threat of prolapse. If the pelvic muscles are paralyzed or activity is limited, the muscles undermine and cannot assistance the pelvic organs.

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Womales of Northern European descent have a greater incidence of uterine prolapse than perform womales of Oriental and also Afrihave the right to descent.