New Character:

Mrs. Johnson: neighbor of the Youngers, noted formerly for her frugality



The scene starts on a Friday night, 3 weeks after the previous scene. Packing cprices are everywhere the room. Beneatha and also George Murchikid are sitting on the couch, talking. He wants to kiss her, however she wants to talk about her hopes and dreams instead. He becomes also demanding, and she tells him to leave, as Mrs. Younger comes house. Beneatha tells her mommy that Murchiboy is a fool, and her mother tells her not to waste her time via him then. Beneatha thanks her mother for knowledge her this time. When Ruth enters the room, she is asked if Walter is drunk aget, and Ruth answers that he is.

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Mrs. Johnkid, the following door neighbor, visits. Time and also aacquire, she mirrors a lack of tact as she talks through the Youngers around assorted points. It becomes noticeable, yet, that her major reason for the visit is to tell the household, in a cheery means, around more racist bombings.

Johnson: …I guess y’all seen the news what’s almost everywhere the colored paper this week…Mama: No—didn’t obtain mine yet this week.Johnson: (Lifting her head and blinking via the heart of catastrophe) You expect you ain’t review ‘bout them colored people that was bombed out their area out there?

Before leaving and going earlier to her apartment, Mrs. Johnkid has actually regulated to consume quite a bit of food generously offered to her by the Youngers. She additionally renders a sarcastic renote about Walter’s drunkenness. She claims around him, “He sure gets his beauty remainder, don’t he?” We see that Mrs. Johnboy, while maybe definition well, has a means of being irritating to the household in many kind of ways.

When Mrs. Johnkid leaves, Mama berates her daughter for the means she had greeted Mrs. Johnboy. Beneatha disagrees with her, and asserts that in her very own way, Mrs. Johnchild is as detripsychological to the development of Babsence world as is the Ku Klux Klan.

Then Mrs. Arnold, Walter’s employer, phones them, asking for Wtransform. Ruth tells her that he has actually been extremely sick. Wchange, currently awake, hears the end of the conversation, but when he is told that his job is in peril, instead of being concerned, he launches into a monologue around wbelow he goes and what he does (greatly, drink) as soon as he doesn’t go in to job-related. Although we feel his pain, we additionally witness an excellent deal of self-pity in his speech. Ruth leaves the room, unable to witness what has actually end up being of her husband. Then Wchange again implies that his mother is rigid and tyrannical as soon as she desires to perform what she can to assist him.

Mrs. Younger then decides to provide Walter the money he wants for a liquor service telling him to take the money she has actually left, put some of it aside for Beneatha’s education and learning, and usage the remainder of it for his company endeavor. Walter is joyous.

Travis comes right into the room and also Wtransform asks him what he wants to be as soon as he grows up. When Travis answers that he wants to be a bus driver, Walter tells him that isn’t “huge enough” an ambition. The scene ends as Walter guarantees to “hand” his son “the civilization,” yet as we understand and also Travis knows, his father is extremely drunk.


Several advancements in this scene augment the themes which have been presented so far. The differences between George Murchiboy and also Beneatha, causing their final rift, reflects how Beneatha is committed to her ideals, and also, aget, how most world carry out not really understand also her perspective on life. When she tells George to leave, we gain the picture of her doing whatever it will take to reach her purposes and also live by her ideals.

It is likewise a new breakthrough in between them as soon as Mama, for once, understands Beneatha’s feelings about Murchison. Beneatha is thankful that her mom understands her this time, and also she expresses this gratitude to her mommy.

The visit of Mrs. Johnson is substantial, too, in furthering some of the themes of the occupational. Although frugal in the way she lends things to the Youngers, Mrs. Johnson is happy to accept all the food the Youngers generously offer her. Although Mrs. Johnchild seems to be visiting out of neighborly worry for the Youngers about the area they plan to move into, she might really be resentful that they have actually more courage than she to stand approximately bigotry thwarting them from having a great life. Her comments about herself, consisting of her use of an epithet in describing her own civilization make this allude. She also cannot stand up to making a dig at the family members in referral to Walter’s being drunk (“gaining his beauty rest.”)

When Walter is challenged through shedding his project and also does not respond as necessary, namely doing whatever it would take within factor to hold on to the project, we are challenged through the crux of Walter’s troubles. Walter’s difficulties are made much worse by his denial of his alcoholism and his incapability to take procedures to boost his case in a reasonable manner. We watch the pain of someone simply providing up, and it is painful for us, as well. We get the feeling that it would take a miracle to adjust his deep despair to some fertile actions.

Tbelow can be many kind of interpretations as to why Mrs. Younger decides to provide Walter the money for his liquor keep, entrusting him through Beneatha’s school money too. From what she claims in asking her kid if she is to blame for his troubles, we watch that to the level that Walter cannot lay obligation at his own feet, his mother might well place as well much blame on herself. Perhaps also, her children’s continuous accusations regarding her tyrannical nature have gained to her. In any kind of instance, she does make this decision. At this suggest the audience waits to view if this is the “miracle” that can conserve Walter from what seems to be a fate of despair and hefty drinking.

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It is likewise quite coherent that as soon as Wtransform hears he will certainly be gaining the money he has actually wanted, he tells his son that he will have the finest education and learning. What we could have actually suspected previously in the play, that is, that Wtransform socount regrets that he has not been able to continue his own education and learning, appears to be shown in what he says to his son. We are left wondering, yet, whether as easy a “solution” as giving him the money can turn Walter’s life roughly, since a lot of what is wrong via it comes not from material deprivation, however from a deprivation of vision and ideals.