A problem has prevented windows from accurately checking

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Friday, 19 February 2010 17:51

A difficulty is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer system. Error Code: 0x80070002

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When Windows XP boots up, after the Welcome Screen a message comes that shows the above message, and it does not allow you to login.

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This deserve to additionally be resulted in by failed WPA and also home windows cracks.

Error code 0x80004005

This problem might take place if a document that the Windows Product Activation (WPA) calls for is damaged or absent. This habits occurs if one or both of the adhering to conditions are true:

A third-party backup utility or an antivirus program interferes with the installation of Windows XP. A file that WPA calls for is manually modified.

Option 1

Repair install. This will certainly rearea all missing records.

Option 2

 Boot into Safemode

Press F8 While booting simply after the BIOS screen or during the OS Selection food selection.

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Then carry out the adhering to in the command promt.

cd %system root% system32regsvr32 licwmi.dllregsvr32 regwizc.dllregsvr32 licdll.dllregsvr32 jscript.dllregsvr32 vbscript.dllregsvr32 msxml.dllregsvr32 shdocvw.dllregsvr32 softpub.dllregsvr32 wintrust.dllregsvr32 initpki.dllregsvr32 dssenh.dllregsvr32 rsaenh.dllregsvr32 gpkcsp.dllregsvr32 sccbase.dllregsvr32 slbcsp.dllregsvr32 cryptdlg.dllReboot and also examine if the difficulty persists.

Option 3If not examine if the complying with files are existing in the System32 Folder%SystemRoot%System32secupd.dat%SystemRoot%System32oembios.dat %SystemRoot%System32oembios.bin

There might be 2 more documents missing:%SystemRoot%System32secupd.sig%SystemRoot%System32oembios.sigso I suggest copy all documents masked like these:%SystemRoot%System32secupd.*%SystemRoot%System32oembios.*If any kind of of these papers are missing, gain back these documents, from the setup disk, I386 folder or from another mechanism.To regain from a setup disk, put the CD in, and browse to the I386 folder copy the file via expansion XXXXX.XX_ wbelow XXXX.XX is the file name via initially 2 letters of the expansion. Rename it to a .cab file and also extract the file to system32.Reboot the device and also currently try aget. 

Option 5

To fix the trouble, repair the installation of Microsoft Windows XP by using the Windows XP CD, and also then rearea the documents. To carry out so, follow these steps:

Insert the Windows XP CD in the CD drive or DVD drive, and also then rebegin your computer. When you receive the adhering to message, push a key to begin your computer from the Windows XP CD:
Note Your computer need to be configured to begin from the CD drive or DVD drive. For even more information about exactly how to connumber your computer system to begin from the CD drive or DVD drive, see the documentation that came with your individual computer system or call the manufacturer. When you obtain the complying with message, push R to begin the Recoexceptionally Console:
This portion of the Setup regime prepares Microsoft Windows XP to run on your computer: To set up Windows XP now, push ENTER. To repair a Windows XP installation by making use of Recovery Console, push R. To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3.

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Press 1 to access your major drive installation via Recoexceptionally Console. When you are prompted to do so, type the administrator password. If you have actually not set an administrator password, push ENTER to continue. Type cd %SystemRoot%System32, and then push ENTER. Rename the following files by utilizing the REN command. To carry out so, follow this syntax:
Wpa.dbl Pidgen.dll Actshell.html Licdll.dll Regwizc.dll Licwmi.dll Wpabaln.exe Type the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive adhered to by a colon (for example, "D:"), and also then push ENTER. Type cd i386, and also push ENTER. Type the adhering to commands one at a time. Press ENTER after each command: expand licwmi.dl_ %systemroot%system32 expand also regwizc.dl_ %systemroot%system32 expand licdll.dl_ %systemroot%system32 expand wpabaln.ex_ %systemroot%system32 expand also wpa.db_ %systemroot%system32 expand also actshell.ht_ %systemroot%system32 copy pidgen.dll %systemroot%system32 Type Exit and press ENTER to rebegin the computer.