A patient lying horizontally on his or her belly is in the _______ place. The meaning of evaluation islack of entirety.to dissect.a cutting apart.a separating right into components.Which among the complying with options is a combining develop, not a presolve or suffix?PATHOOPSYCENTESISRETROWhich one of the following prefixes implies “through”?“Pro”“Peri”“Pre”“Per”Which among the complying with selections would certainly be the ending of a term indicating the surgical removal of abody part?“Ectomy”“Cision”“Itis”“Osis”Individuals through high blood push are frequently prescribed _______ by their physicians.hypoglycemicshypolipidemicsantihyperlipidemicsantihypertensivesThe organs of the abdominal cavity are calledviscera.mediastinal.pleural.fascia._______ are regularly supplied to proccasion nausea and vomiting.KeratolyticsAntitussivesAntihistaminesAntiemetics_______ are generally provided to block pain.AnestheticsAntipruriticsAnticoagulantsAnalgesicsA patient lying horizontally on his or her belly is in the _______ position.pronelaterally recumbentrecumbentsupineYour little bit toe is _______ to your torso.proximallateralsuperiormedialWhich among the adhering to options finest explains a cell?A specialized body component written of tissuesAny facility living being, plant or animalThe smallest “living” framework in the bodyA framework in the cytoplasmThe pelvic cavity homes thebrain and also pituitary gland also.urinary and reabundant organs.heart and lungs.significant organs of digestion.In medical terminology, a _______ mostly turns a word right into a diagnosis or clinical procedure.rootsuffixprefixcombining formWhich among the complying with words is pertained to the axial skeleton?BrachialMetacarpalPatellaCraniumA doctor whose specialty is to diagnose and treat diseases and also disorders including the bones, joints,and also muscles is referred to as a/angerontologist.oncologist.orthopedist.chiropractor.The word parts -ac, -al, -ary, and -ic are allprefixes that feature as prepositions.adjective suffixes meaning “pertaining to.”noun suffixes indicating steps.pseudosuffixes developed from roots.The correct order for analyzing the components of clinical terms ispresolve, root, sufdeal with.root, sufdeal with, predeal with.sufsolve, root, presettle.sufresolve, predeal with, root.The _______ is an axial body part.phalanxneckcarpustarsusWhat is the prefix meaning “too much, above”?HYPOB.-HYPO-HYPERHYPERWhich one of the following suffixes means “inflammation”?-ITIS-DYNIA-OSIS-EMIA

A patient lying horizontally on his or her belly is in the _______ position

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