Welconcerned Sea Monster Week on jiyuushikan.org! In honor of the launch of Shark Week over on the Discoextremely Channel, we’ve decided to dive right into the civilization of some of our favorite creatures ever before via short articles, book excerpts and even more.

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But simply what is a “sea monster” anyway? Well, we’ve provided ourselves a pretty wide definition to job-related with. Here’s the Stubby the Rocket definition:

Sea Monster (noun): Any sufficiently awesome water-dwelling creature that we perceive as being monstrously cool.

So, through that in mind, prepare yourself for the greatest A-Z list of sea monsters ever compiled, just listed below the surconfront of this blog.


Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish

Battletoads (Battletoads): Toads who carry out battle.

Beisht Kione (Irish Mythology): Fishermales are afraid of this thing. Its name implies “The Beast With a Babsence Head.“

Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish (The Simpsons): A fish through three eyes, mutated by radiation.

Bloop (Real Life): Mysterious, very effective, ultra-low frequency sound detected by NOAA. No one knows wright here it originates from. Probably a monster.




Dianoga Trash Monster (Star Wars): A thing with one eye that pokes out of trash pools but has actually numerous tentacles below the surchallenge.

Dinoshark (Up From the Depths): Pretty a lot a shark who is from the Mesozoic Age and enjoys chomping and also has actually a toothy dinosaur confront.

The Dobhar-chú (Irish Folklore): Monstruous water hound—a dog/otter combo thing which some people insurance claim to have actually actually seen.

The Horrible Dogfish (Le avundertaking di Pinocchio): In the book, the thing that swallows Pinocchio. Called “Monstro” in the Disney movie (wright here it’s more of a whale).


Fiji Mermaid


Fiji Mermhelp (Real life): A sidedisplay development consisting of the height fifty percent of monvital and also the lower fifty percent of a fish.


Hippocamp by Who Stole My Name on deviantArt


Hippocamp (Greek Mythology): A sea horsie!

Hydra (Greek Mythology/Real Life): The Lernaean hydra was a many-headed, serpent-favor beastern killed by Heracles. Also a genus of tiny, predajiyuushikan.orgy, fresh-water animals via regenerative abilities.


Spielberg and also Jaws


Jaguar Shark (The Life Aquatic) Murder of Esteban. Enemy of Steve Zissou. It remembers you.

Jaws (Jaws): Though it doesn’t technically have actually a name, we contact it Jaws. Smile, you kid of a b*tch.

Jonah’s Whale (Bible): Big whale that likes to swpermit dudes up.

Jörmungandr (Norse Mythology): AKA, the Midgard Serpent, offspring of Loki and Angrboða and also archnemesis of Thor. When he allows go of his own tail the human being will certainly end.


The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)


Land Shark (Saturday Night Live): A deadly creature that will get into your apartment and eat you no difficulty.

The Lady in the Lake (Arthurian legend): Stvariety woguy best recognized for lying in ponds, distributing swords. Also, writer Raymond Chandler’s drag name.

Leviathan (The Bible): The Original Biblical Sea Monster. Hangs out close to the Hellmouth.

Lion Turtle (Avatar: the Last Airbender): Giant, primitive, looks like an island, offers pretty excellent advice.

The Little Mermaid (Hans Christian Andersen/Disney): The heroine of among Andersen’s most beloved tales, the Little Mermaid drops in love with a human prince, and…well, the Disney variation is much much less complicated. Very massive in Copenhagen.

Lobstrosity (The Dark Tower): More choose beach monsters than sea monsters, these things are scorpion/lobster mash-ups.

Loch Ness Monster (Real Life?/Cryptozoology): A possible plesiosaur rumored to be living in the Loch Ness in Scotland. Often referred to as “Nessie.” Dislikes Amerideserve to Idol.

Lusca (Real Life?): Caribbean sea monster. Associated through globsters. (Not with Johnny Depp).

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A rare sighting of the creature understand as Michael Phelps


Makara (Hindu Mythology): Any creature that is half land animal on height through the bottom fifty percent of an acquatic creature; so: perkid + seal, or wildebeest + whale. Makara!

Marsh-wiggle (Narnia Chronicles): Extremely private, pessimistic humanoid creatures that live in the marshes of Narnia. 

Mega Shark (Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus, Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus): A big Shark who is the sworn opponent of Giant Octopus, Crocosaurus and also great taste.