A spin-off of "The Cosby Show" finds Denise Huxtable on her own at Hillguy College. Although Denise only remained at college for one year, numerous of her core of classmates stuck it out for the sitcom"s six-year run.

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Episode 1

Everypoint Must Change

Thu, Sep 20, 1990 30 mins

Whitley retransforms to Hillguy on the wings of love, yet she crashes to Earth once Dwayne introduces her to a girlfrifinish (Alisa Gyse) he met in Japan. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardison. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis.

Episode 2

How Bittersweet It Is

Thu, Sep 27, 1990 30 mins

Whitley provides Ron as a pawn in her love match with Dwayne; Freddie tries histrionics to obtain into a history class taught by a well known visiting professor (Roger Guenveur Smith). Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Ron: Darryl Bell.

Episode 3

The Blues for Nobody"s Child

Thu, Oct 4, 1990 30 mins

Freddie befriends an orphan (T.J. Evans) and argues the opportunity of adopting the boy to Prof. Randolph (Roger G. Smith). Freddie: Cree Summer. Col. Taylor: Glynn Turguy. Walter: Sinpoor. Mr. Gaines: Lou Myers.

Episode 4

Whitley"s Last Supper

Thu, Oct 11, 1990 30 mins

Freddie (Cree Summer) moves right into high gear for a exercise med-college exam, while Whitley (Jasmine Guy) downshifts her spfinishing on the advice of her father (Ron O"Neal). Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis. Kim: Charnele Brvery own.

Episode 5

The Goodwill Games

Thu, Oct 18, 1990 30 mins

Dwayne helps Whitley (Jasmine Guy) prepare for an academic competition, however one point leads to one more during a examine session. Kim: Charnele Brown. Matthew: Anattracted Lowery. Kinu: Alisa Gyse Dickens.

Episode 6

Tales from the Exam Zone

Thu, Oct 25, 1990 30 mins

Dwayne, Whitley and Freddie uncover themselves in a different dimension---"The Exam Zone." Walter: Sinnegative. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardikid. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Freddie: Cree Summer. Terrance: Cory Tyler. Ron: Darryl Bell.

Episode 7

Good Help Is Hard to Fire

Thu, Nov 8, 1990 30 mins

Dwayne"s mommy (Patti LaBelle) walks in on a squabble in between Kinu and the apartment"s new maid---Whitley. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardikid. Kinu: Alisa Gyse Dickens. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Ron: Darryl Bell.

Episode 8

Love Thy Neighbor

Thu, Nov 15, 1990 30 mins

Dwayne and Whitley (Kadeem Hardikid, Jasmine Guy) discover their new connection at a standstill once they can"t find time alone; Ron runs right into an old frifinish who"s currently homemuch less. Ron: Darryl Bell. Freddie: Cree Summer.

Episode 9

Time Keeps on Slippin"

Thu, Nov 29, 1990 30 mins

Dwayne"s grades are experiencing with Whitley (Jasmine Guy) around, however hers are improving; Freddie and also Ron are put in charge of a time capsule. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardichild. Kim: Charnele Brown.

Episode 10

The Apple Doesn"t Fall

Thu, Dec 6, 1990 30 mins

Col. Taylor (Glynn Turman) feels he"s made a hole in one once asked to sign up with a once-segregated nation club, but Terrance (Cory Tyler) disagrees; Ron has second thoughts around his career. Ron: Darryl Bell.

Episode 11

I"m Dreaming of a Dwayne Christmas

Thu, Dec 13, 1990 30 mins

Dwayne goes house for Christmas through Whitley, that goes the distance to win over his mom (Patti LaBelle). Woodson: Harold Sylvester. Santa: Stanley Brock. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardiboy. Ron: Darryl Bell.

Episode 12

War and also Peace

Thu, Jan 10, 1991 30 mins

Blair Underhardwood plays a friend of Dwayne"s who battles ambivalence on the eve of his reserve unit"s exit to the Persian Gulf. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardison. Ron: Darryl Bell. Col. Taylor: Glynn Turmale.

Episode 13


Thu, Jan 31, 1991 30 mins

Julian has actually a talk with Whitley that takes a toll on her ego---and also might expense her Dwayne. Debbie Allen plays a counselor. Shelby: Yvette Holland also. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Julian: Dominic Hoffman. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardichild.

Episode 14

Risk Around the Dollar

Thu, Feb 7, 1991 30 mins

Lack of money may make Whitley"s world come tumbling down after she blows her rent money, while Terrance"s people is readjusted by his new-uncovered religion. Mr. Ludlow: Paul Benedict. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis.

Episode 15

Love Hillman Style

Thu, Feb 14, 1991 30 mins

Whitley and also Dwayne (Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison) clash over her scheme to make a "Men of Hillman" calendar; Col. Taylor and also Jaleesa share a Valentine"s moment. Col. Taylor: Glynn Turguy. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis.

Episode 16

A Word in Edgewise

Thu, Feb 21, 1991 30 mins

Matthew (Andrew Lowery) brings members of the National Theater of the Deaf to Walter"s outreach center for a performance; Dwayne bets Whitley that she can"t store quiet for 24 hrs straight. Walter: Sinbad.

Episode 17

Ms. Understanding

Thu, Feb 28, 1991 30 mins

A battle of the sexes breaks out after a pamphlet exhorts women to demand also respect. Shazza Zulu: Gary Dourdan. Matthew: Anattracted Lowery. Freddie: Cree Summer. Kim: Charnele Brvery own. Whitley: Jasmine Guy.

Episode 18

The Cash Isn"t Almeans Greener

Thu, Mar 7, 1991 30 mins

While closing in on a cushy job, Dwayne considers opening the door to a various career: teaching. Danielle: Vanessa Bell Callomeans. Mr. Kanemitsu: Clyde Kusatsu. Terrance: Cory Tyler. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Ron: Darryl Bell.

Episode 19

How Great Thou Art

Thu, Mar 14, 1991 30 mins

Whitley lands an internship as an art buyer; a radio show is Freddie"s bid to raise campus consciousness. Erdeen: Josephine Premice. Auctioneer: Michael Ensign. Matthew: Andrew Lowery. Whitley: Jasmine Guy.

Episode 20

It"s Showtime at Hillman

Thu, Mar 21, 1991 30 mins

When the budacquire for Walter"s outreach facility is reduced, Wtransform takes to the TV for a telethon to raise money. Larry: Cleavant Derricks. Walter: Sinpoor. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis. Kim: Charnele Brvery own.

Episode 21

Sister to Sister Sister

Thu, Mar 28, 1991 30 mins

Kim (Charnele Brown) decides to pledge a sorority, however she really hregarding hang on throughout her "hell week" once it"s Whitley (Jasmine Guy) who"s showing her the ropes. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardiboy.

Episode 22

Monet Is the Root of All Evil

Thu, Apr 4, 1991 30 mins

Whitley arranges an art present to offer expocertain to an artist, however a watchdog company condemns it as indecent. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardiboy. Freddie: Cree Summer.

Episode 23

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Thu, Apr 11, 1991 30 mins

Whoopi Goldberg plays a professor whose student (Tisha Campbell) reveals that she has AIDS. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Mr. Gaines: Lou Myers. Kim: Charnele Brown. Ron: Darryl Bell.

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Episode 24

Never Can Say Goodbye

Thu, Apr 25, 1991 30 mins

Wchange leaves Hillmale to run a community center; Ron stops working to satisfy a background requirement. Dean Winston: Robert Guillaume. Walter: Sinbad. Jameela: Raynelle Gipboy. Ron: Darryl Bell. Freddie: Cree Summer.

Episode 25

To Be Continued

Thu, May 2, 1991 30 mins

Dwayne and Whitley attend to her New York project acceptance; Ron and also his dad (Art Evans) attempt diplomacy via the dean (Robert Guillaume), who"s putting the brakes on Ron"s graduation. Ron: Darryl Bell. Whitley: Jasmine Guy.