only; through the exception (usually complied with by that): parallel situations except that one is younger than the other.

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First videotaped in1350–1400; Middle English: originally, previous participle, from Latin exceptus (previous participle of excipere “to take out”), identical to ex- + -ceptus (combining develop of captus, previous participle of capere “to take”); view origin at ex-1
1. Except (even more seldom excepting ), but, save suggest out somepoint excluded from a general statement. Except emphasizes the excluding: Take any number other than 12. But merely states the exclusion: We ate all but one. Save is now mainly discovered in poetic use: nothing in sight save skies and also sea.
excellency, great, excelsior, Excelsior Springs, excementosis, other than, other than for, excepting, exception, exceptionable, exceptional
to object (generally complied with by to or against): to other than to a statement; to except versus a witness.


ex·cept·a·ble, adjectivenon·ex·cept·ed, adjectiveun·ex·cept·a·ble, adjectiveun·ex·cept·ed, adjective

Except is many commonly supplied as a preplace definition excluding or yet, as in Everyone was invited other than me, or as a conjunction interpretation yet for the reality that, as in I would have referred to as, other than I shed my phone. Accept is a common word via many kind of interpretations, many of which involve receiving somepoint, taking something on, or putting up through somepoint.

Accept is constantly a verb. Except deserve to additionally be offered as a verb definition to exclude, as in the prevalent expression existing firm excepted, however its verb use is a lot less prevalent.

To remember the difference in the spelling in between accept and except, remember that except shares the presolve ex- with exclude, which is fitting since except is frequently supplied in instances in which someone or something has actually been excluded.

Accept, on the other hand, is often supplied in instances in which something is obtained.

Here’s an instance of except and also accept provided correctly in the exact same sentence.

Example: I commonly accept your excuses, other than this time I understand they’re not true.

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