7zip not enough space on disk

I am using 7-zip to split a large folder (>200 GB) right into chunks of 4.7GB so that I deserve to burn them onto a DVD. But for currently, I am storing these chunks in an exterior hard disk which has actually ~300GB of room. Tbelow is additionally >200 GB in the the drive wbelow the folder currently reside.

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But as soon as I ran the procedure, it offers a "Not sufficient room on disk error", and also also once I deal only with a subfolder (>40 GB) this still occurs.

How carry out I resolve this?


This is bereason your "chunks" are bigger than 4GB. Hard drives formatted to FAT32 have the right to only organize papers through a maximum individual file size of no even more than 4GB (or abouts).

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You should clear your difficult disk and also reformat it to NTFS, wbelow the maximum filedimension is in the area of Exabytes (means more than any type of difficult drives easily accessible today. This must have the ability to stop the "Not sufficient room on disk error"

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According to the writer of 7-zip at the complying with attach, there"s an insect where dragging and also dropping from the 7-zip home window to Explorer can cause this. I don"t recognize if it"s been solved in later versions, yet I"m still seeing it in a circumstance wbelow I can"t test the later on versions, so I believed I"d write-up it: https://sourceforge.net/p/sevenzip/discussion/45797/thread/21b7bbab/#5ac1


I acquired this worry once I dragged and also dropped it right into another drive"s folder. I realized the program checks the metainformation (namely the accessible space) of the wrong drive, and also then states there isn"t sufficient room. The solution for this particular circumstances of the difficulty is to relocate the file to the drive via enough area prior to extraction.


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