I"m beating them in one, by one. At leastern I have a junk turret to cover my back.


Would a strategically inserted stick of tnt work?


My finger is gaining tired holding down left click.

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There are one-of-a-kind explosive charges to open up safes in the game. Yellow packperiods, I think they are called timed charges.


I already said to TFP to automate the lockpicks, because exactly how they are currently is as bad as having actually to save pushing the mouse switch via a pickaxe. Wait for break -- Press E for a second -- wait for break -- Press E for a second -- and also so on and also on. Where is the benefit to a pick axe? If the lockpick breaks it must proceed with the following one immediately until either the safe is open up or you do not have actually any lockpicks anymore




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Less noise is the advantage. Let´s be happy it´s not a minigame tbh. For crafting them you need only level one of the lockpicking ability. Or all "The good Heist" publications. (I think it´s the heist books, correct me if am wrong)


Is it simply me, or perform they almost never break throughout the first 3 quarters of the moment for everyone?

Ah appropriate, the noise. Since I frequently play agility with numerous levels in shadows perk I tend to not notice the difference.