5gb iphone

Just like everyone else, I obtain the alert that my iCloud is full and also no backup can be made. iOS offers me the tip to upgrade my storage on my iCloud account. Due to the fact that I just desire to save my settings, phone numbers and various other "light" stuff, I check out no reason to upgrade. I think a couple of gigabytes have to be more than plenty to backup my device(s).

What is taking all the space on my iCloud?

First I checked on my Mac - OS X Mavericks

On OS X I have actually checked the following in "System Preferences" -> "iCloud":

Backup 4.44 GBDocuments 550.7 MBMail 5 MB


Okay, my significant storage exists of the form "Backup". I Guess these are the backups from my iPad and also iPhone, but System prefs offers me no additionally clue.

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Lets look at my iPhone

I obtained out my iPhone - iOS 8.4

I go to "Settings" -> "iCloud":

iCloud Drive ONPhotos ONiCloud Photo Library OFFMy Photo Stream OFFiCloud Picture Sharing ONMail OFFContacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Notes, Passbook ONBack-up, Keychain, Find My iPhone ON


Then I go to "Settings" -> "iCloud" -> "Storage":

Total storage 5.0 GBAvailable 15.9 MB


I go to "Settings" -> "iCloud" -> "Storage" -> "Manage Storage":


An added 5 GB of storage is compelled. To continue backing up this iPhone do one of the following:

Change your backup choices Delete some data Buy more storage

Also, it gives me the adhering to usage of my data:


iPhone backup of 4.3 GBiPad backup of 137.4 MB

Documents & Data:

Some documents through a full of 534.6 MB


Okay, so all my storage goes to "Backups". Lets select the iPhone backup (and below is wright here I acquire shed...)

"Settings" -> "iCloud" -> "Storage" -> "Manage Storage" -> "iPhone Backup":


Choose the information you desire to back up. An added 5.0GB is compelled to back up this iPhone

Next Backup Size 5.0 GB ⚠️

Photo Library 2.3 GB OFFWhatsApp 550 MB OFFKeynote 238 MB OFF


There is no space requiring stuff to backup and also still is it taking 5.0GB... What does my phone desire to backup that takes 5.0 GB of space? Is there a means to visualise this? I just want to backup some settings and contacts, no major stuff...