We are resolving math via my friend and also have actually a controversial case has actually appeared) Assistance, please understand what is the answer of 5-5*5+5?!


The order of operations is P.E.M.D.A.S, which describes Parentheses -Exponents - Multiply - Divide - Add - Subtract.With this problem: 5-5*5+5

The first procedure according to PEMDAS,is the 5*5 (multiplication)


Then we execute the enhancement and also subtractivity, It is usually solved from left to right


The answer is -15


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It should follow the adhering to Operations in order, multiplication - enhancement - subtractivity.Hence,5-5*5+5= 5-25+5= 10-25= -15


just how is the answer -15 bc pemdas claims that you need to include before subtract so if you carry out 25 (which you obtained from multiplying 5x5) +5 you acquire 30 (because adding comes prior to subtraction) and also then u subtract the other 5 and you gain thirty so define just how u got -15


When utilizing PEMDAS, the rules state that from M&D, you carry out whichever before comes first left to ideal, and also for A&S you execute the exact same. Because of this you review the equation left to best, you perform not execute every one of the addition first and then subtract.

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