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WARNING: Details of this situation are disturbing

SEATTLE — The male suspected of murdering a womale he met digital has actually been ordered held on $2 million bail.

A King County District Court judge discovered probable reason Tuesday to hold 37-year-old John Charlton for investigation of second-degree murder in the fatality of 40-year-old Ingrid Lyne, a mommy of 3 from Renton whose partial continues to be were discovered in a recycling bin in Seattle’s Central District on Saturday.

Suspect in fatality of Renton mother Ingrid Lyne has actually simply showed up in court. #Q13FOX

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Throughout the hearing, prosecutors revealed brand-new details of the crime, including the truth that investigators believe Lyne was eliminated in her own house, dismembered in her bathtub, and also transported in her own auto to the place wbelow her remains were dumped.

King County Deputy Prosecutor Jennifer Worley said Seattle police crime scene investigators “found bits of humale flesh and blood in bathtub drain” in Lyne’s home, wright here they likewise located a witnessed.

According to probable cause documents, Charlton admitted to sleeping on a Seattle sidewalk the night of the murder, however clintends he has some memory loss.

“Charlton asserted that he had been so intoxicated on Friday night that he might not respeak to just how he and Lyne returned to her residence after the Mariners game, or what transpired as soon as they obtained tbelow,” the records said. “He said he believed they had sex, and said Lyne was acting ‘weird’, but could not or would not administer better details.”

Charlton’s next court day is Thursday, April 14 which is additionally the deadline for prosecutor’s to file any charges.

Judge finds probable cause in 2nd degree murder. Bail collection at $2 million. #Q13FOX

— Janet Kim (
JanetKimTV) April 12, 2016

Suspect’s parental fees feared their son


John Robert Charlton (Montana DOC Photo)

The parental fees of John Robert Charlton, the man suspected of murdering a Washington nurse he met online, stayed in fear of their own son, according to court records.

Ray and also JoAnn Charlton, who as soon as sought a restraining order versus him, testified that he was at risk to drinking greatly and might fly right into violent, abusive outbursts that left them worried for their own safety. They added that he had actually a habit of picking fights with them, especially once drunk.

Both parental fees later on asked for that the restraining order be dismissed.

“My name is John”

Lyne’s mother, Jorga Bass, sent Charlton a text message Saturday night asking wright here she can uncover her daughter. Bass shelp her ex-husband went to drop off the youngsters at the apartment, but Lyne was nowright here to be uncovered. But in her apartment they found her purse and also cell phone.

“My name is John,” Charlton responded. “I believed she was with her youngsters today?”

Bass then asked as soon as Charlton last observed her and also informed him that she’d dubbed police.

“911?” Charlton responded. “What’s going on? We checked out the Mariners game last night yet we didn’t remain the night together bereason she has her kids now … not sure what she had actually told you around me and our relationship.”

“She’s lacking,” Bass shelp. “What time did you watch her last. A police officer demands to stop to you as you may be the last perboy who saw her. Please call .”

In her final message, Bass composed, “Please John, did Ingrid say anypoint about someone coming to watch her after you separated from her last night. We can’t find her or her car. As I shelp her phone and ID and purse are at her residence but she and also her auto are gone without a trace. Any aid would be appreciated. We are desperate. She would never just go off and also leave her family.”

She received no reply from Charlton.

A lengthy criminal history

John Robert Charlton was convicted of a 2009 felony theft in Montana, negligent driving in Washington state in 1998, and a second-degree felony for aggravated robbery in Utah in 2006. Court records likewise show a battery charge in Idaho in 2009.

Seattle police have actually said they think the human stays are those of Lyne, who was reported absent on Saturday. She functioned as a nurse in Seattle.

Friends say she had actually planned to go on a day to a Mariners basesphere game Friday night through someone she met virtual.

Seattle police found Lyne’s SUV in downtown Seattle on Monday after taking the 37-year-old Charlton right into custody.

Body components discovered in recycle bin

On Saturday, Seattle police say three adult body parts — consisting of a foot — were discovered in a homeowner’s recycling bin in Seattle’s Central District just after 4 p.m. Investigators later on determined the continues to be as being those of Lyne.

O’Toole said the King County Medical Examiner’s Office will certainly officially confirm the victim’s identity.

In collaboration with the Renton Police Department, a search warrant was served in their jurisdiction, and also evidence was recovered, consisting of telephone calls, that helped police recognize a suspect.

Police sassist, based upon that proof, Charlton was arrested in connection through Lyne’s murder and also booked right into the King County Jail for investigation of homicide.

Charlton is intended to make his first court appearance Monday afternoon at the King County Jail. He has actually not yet been charged via Lyne’s murder. We mean to learn much even more around the instance at that time, including the full level of the evidence police have actually versus him. Prosecutors will then decide what charges he may face.

We could additionally learn a possible motive. Charlton did soptimal via investigators after his arremainder and component of that intersee could melted light on just how the crime unfolded.

Neighbors easily came to be worried


Ingrid Lyne

The last time neighbors say they experienced Lyne was at her mailbox Friday prior to she headed out for her day through Charlton. Friends say the 2 met virtual and also had been dating given that last month.

The Seattle Police Department asked for the public’s assistance in locating her lacking car, a silver 2015 Toyota Highlander, bearing Washington plate AUW3230. But late Monday night, police said they had uncovered the SUV in downtown Seattle.

In Renton, Lyne’s next-door neighbors say investigators were in the community all weekend.

Getting choked up at times, Edward Franceschina earlier shared his issue over the disappearance of his neighbor Ingrid Lyne, who he states he saw more as a daughter.

“I don’t know; it’s not great,” sassist Franceschina. “The purse, the telephone and also every little thing remained in the residence.”

Franceschina said he last witnessed the Renton mom on Friday afternoon checking her mail prior to heading to a Seattle Mariners game. When she didn’t show to pick up her kids Saturday morning, her friends elevated the alarm.

Lyne was a nurse at Seattle’s Swedish Medical Center.

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Detectives believe the body components had actually been packaged and also put in the bin close to 21st Avenue and also Pine Street at some point late Friday or on Saturday. The bin had actually been emptied of recyclables Friday.