So, I’m sort of a gift fanatic–we’ve establiburned that fact–andsome of my favorite gifts are the ones that simply store going and also going(insert tokenEnergizer bunny recommendation here).

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And going. … For instance:

Why give the gift of one day night once you have the right to plan out12 Months of Dates?

Why give one birthday gift when you deserve to give 30 Gifts to Celebrate 30 Years?

Why share simply one thing you love around someone, as soon as you deserve to share 26 things you love about them, from A to Z?


I check out those nods out there! So, now that we’re in agreement (smile), I’d love to share howI transformed that last example right into a mini-book gift thatI wrapped up and provided to Mark this Christmas.

In reality, this was theonlygift I provided to Mark this year, since we determined to save it simple via one gift each. No pressure, right?

After a few nights of wracking my brain, I had my ah-ha moment: I would certainly give him a book of affirmations for each letter of the alphabet!

You watch, two years earlier, I was presented to the notion of this gift idea by my friend Kelly from Cobwebs, Cupcakes, and also Crayons. For her husband’s birthday, she gifted him through a photo book dubbed “Annabelle and Daddy’s Alphabet Publication.” She supplied photos of the two of them over the years, highlighting their mutual moments through each letter of the alphabet. Her blog is no longer live on the internet, but you’ll need to take my word on it: it was super artistic and oh so adorable.

That gift ideamade a realimpression on me. AndI’m just so excited I could adapt that concept into a mini-book for Mark that is essentially an “attack-hug” of affirmations.

Who knows, maybe this will spark some motivation for you as you look for to lavish love upon someone in your life this Valentine’s Day or beyond! (Sometimes the ideal presents are on plain days.)

Dear reader, I’d love to offer you a sneak peek at some of the pages inside mymini-book gift. Here ya go:

For& From

I constantly favor to include a “for” and also “from” page…just so there’s no confusion! (Tee hee.)


Blank Pages

I additionally consisted of 2 blank pagesfor a personalized notewithmention of the year and also occasion. That keeps points crystal clear for when our brains inevitably get foggy. #sadbuttrue


A to Z!

Then, there’s a page for each letter of the alphabet, from A…


…to Z…


…and in between!


Tips ForMaking Your Own:

Tip #1: Publish in High Quality on Cardstock

Be certain to print utilizing your printer’s highest quality photo settings, that way your colors will certainly be even more colorful and the lines even more crisp. I likewise recommend making use of white cardstock to assist the mini-book stand the test of time (with all thosepage flips).

Tip #2: Write a Rough Draft

So, before I filled out my A to Z mini-cards, I actually wrote out the letters A to Z dvery own the side of a item of paper, and I drafted out the text for each letter. I jumped roughly as new principles concerned me…I made edits and transforms. This collection me up for success when composing outmy affirmations on the mini peras themselves for the “last draft.” I didn’t need to reprinteven one page!


Tip #3: Be Specific & Write with Voice

As you create, obstacle yourself to be specific in your affirmations; that method, they will organize also even more weight via your recipient. Also, don’t organize back from allowing your herbal writer’s voice to shine through. This is the perfect opportunity to beindividual and lighthearted.

Here’s a potential example for the letter “T.” (Or “C” depending upon exactly how you think of it.)

“Top Chef:Thank you for making such yummy warm breakfasts on the weekends.”

Now, here’s take 2 with added details and also voice.

“Top Chef: You know the way to my heart through your southwestern omeallows on Saturday mornings. Mmm good!”

Did you capture thatspecificity? And the even more conversationaltone? These slight adjustments deserve to make a people of differenceas your recipient reads with the mini-book for the first time, enduring their “attack-hug” to the max!

Tip #4: How to Deal via that Pesky Letter “X”

Feel free to“bend” the rules a small little as soon as it pertains to tricky letters…favor “X” for example. You could carry out what I did and also choose a word that almoststart via the letter “X.” Such as:


UPDATE: Tip #5: How to Deal through that Peskies Letter “Q”

I actually am adding this one in considering that a number of have actually reported battles via this letter, and also it’s true – – it’s not easy. I actually supplied “Quick” for mine,as in “Rapid to foroffer and also ask for forgiveness.” Here are some other “Q” words to obtain you started:

Rapid to _______Rapid wittedQuirkyQuietQuite _______Questioning (deserve to be an excellent quality1)QualityeloQuenteQuable (calm; not quickly angered)inQuisitiveuniQue

Tip #6: Assembly & Binding

Cut and hole-punch eachmini-card, then very closely location them in order through any kind of added dedication or personalizedperas wright here you desire them. Then you have the right to *bindthe book together utilizing a binder ring choose I did or even some twine or ribbon. I have actually become so obsessed via mini-books, that I simply save a repertoire of binder rings in my craft storage at all times. For realz.


Tip #7: Consider Adding Divider Pages

If you desire to fatten up your mini-book even more, you deserve to include divider pages in between each of your cardstock pages utilizing pretty scrapbook paper. Or yourdivider peras might include photosofyour recipient or the two of you together.


Bottom line: you are going to make someone’s day, week, month, year through this gift!


Grab the Printable

If you have a loved one who would certainly appreciate a barrage of love in the develop of a “What I Love About You From A to Z” mini-book, tright here are two various ways for you to get your handchild this printable.

1. Printable only: you deserve to grab thePDF printable as an immediate downpack for only $0.99. Just click HERE or on the switch below to make your purchase.

2. ePublication with 11 Printables: this printable is just one of 11 that come with my book,Thinking Outside the Gift Box: 75 Simple & Meaningful Gift Ideregarding Spark Your Creativity. So, if you’d like a flood of impetus for more inexpensive yet heartfelt presents, be certain toclick HERE or on the button below to examine out some sample chapters, check out some rave reviews, and also nab a copy in eBook or paperago form. Join the revolution as we uncover the joy of giving!


More Mini-Book Goodness

If you’re prefer me and just can’t acquire sufficient of these mini-publications, be certain to checkout my 12 Months of Date Nights Mini-Book Gifts. In truth, tright here just might be a fab freebie for email subscribers! (Wink wink.)


To Close

So, friends, prior to I sign off, I simply desire to provide you some food for assumed. Whether it’s through a “What I Love About You from A to Z” gift or a surpclimb note on the kitchen respond to,ask yourself:

How can I share certain affirmations to lavish love upon the human being in my life?

Let that sink in.

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Then, go forth and also lavish away! Not just will certainly your loved ones be blessed, yet you’llsuffer the overwhelmingjoy that originates from leading a life of offering.


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