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This week Anna reassures one reader who’s embarrassed around never before having had a boyfrifinish at the age of 22, and gives her advice for entering the civilization of dating.

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Q: I’m nearly 23 and also I’ve never had actually a boyfriend. I’ve dated a few human being, yet not many – is this normal?

Anna says:

Well, I just desire to say welinvolved the people of wanting to find love.

Firstly, age doesn’t matter at all, whether you’re 16 years old and you’re prepared for the dating game or you’re 55 and also you’re reasoning about dipping your toe into the civilization of relationships.

The primary thing is that you’re feeling favor you want to start dating, and also that’s great.

You say you’re 23. Well, I don’t think I discovered my initially correct boyfrifinish until i was in my mid-20s.

It takes time to find the right perboy you affix with. We can definitely kiss many kind of frogs until we uncover our prince.

It’s not around amount, it is around quality and it’s around being in the appropriate framework of mind.

You must never meacertain yourself versus anybody. What is ideal for one perboy isn’t ideal for the following and everybody is wondercompletely distinct – including you.

Don’t compare yourself to people on social media, reality stars, characters in movies – it deserve to seem prefer people are falling in and out of love eextremely 5 minutes, yet that isn’t the reality for a lot of civilization.


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Hobbies and also interests have the right to likewise be a really great location to begin once trying to find love or companionship.

What I desire you to do, then, in summary, is to work-related on that you are.

It have the right to take some people a life time to occupational out if they also desire to date. It sounds favor you’ve made a decision you execute, so well done for figuring that out.

Welinvolved the people of dating. This is your time.

Don’t measure yourself versus anybody else. Work out what you love about yourself and also then go and uncover that guy for you.

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