2 ipods on 1 itunes library

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If your family members has actually multiple iPods and also only one computer, the question will certainly aclimb regarding how to regulate those tools on the common COMPUTER. Tbelow are a few options easily accessible. The even more complicated the method you pick, the more regulate you'll have actually over syncing music and also various other content to your iPod. The most basic way is by utilizing iTunes.

The examples in this tutorial use an iPad, however the process is the same for any type of iOS gadget running iOS 12 or iOS 11.

Manage Multiple iPods on One Computer

While this is probably the simplest method to regulate multiple iPods on one computer, it's not the the majority of exact.



Select the Sync Music and Schosen playlists, artists, albums, and also genres check boxes. Clear the Automatically fill totally free space with songs inspect box.

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In the Playlists, Artists, Albums, and also Genres sections, see the contents of the computer's iTunes library. Select the items you desire to sync to the iPod in each of the four sections.


When you've schosen everything you desire to sync to the iPod, click Apply to conserve these settings and sync the content you chose.


Disattach the iPod and repeat the procedure for all the various other iPods you desire to usage via this computer.

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This process lets each person select only the music they desire from the whole iTunes library. But it could take a while to pick songs, and it boundaries everyone's choices by only letting them accessibility music that's currently on the computer system. It's also feasible for a perboy to gain songs they don't want if they click the wrong artist or playlist before they sync.