2 iphones 1 itunes account

If you and your family members share the exact same computer system however each have different content on your iPhone or iPad, you deserve to still sync without gaining things combined up.

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Though it is not a requirement to usage your computer as a way to sync your iPhone or iPad content anyeven more, there are still several human being that usage iTunes on their computer system for just that function. If you and also your household all usage one Mac yet have have different content on your devices, you deserve to erected iTunes to sync each one separately. It just takes a tiny advanced setup. Here"s how.

Creating a user account for each person on your Mac

When you create separate user accounts, it makes it feasible for each person to basically have actually a sepaprice computer system through a sepaprice iTunes application. This method is best if each perchild syncs their tool differently or if any kind of of the tools have actually parental controls put up.

How to develop a new user account on your Mac

The account administrator is the just perboy that can produce a brand-new user account. Make certain you have your administrator user name and also password before you begin.

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Click on the Apple menu () at the height left of your Mac"s screen.

Select System Preferences from the drop down menu.


Click on Users & Groups.

Click on the lock in the reduced left edge of the Users & Groups window.


Enter your administrator username and password.Click Unlock.

Click the Add (+) button under the current users list.


Select an Account Type from the drop dvery own menu. I indicate using "Standard" for other adults and also "Managed with Parental Controls" for youngsters.

Go into the complete name of the new user.


Enter an account name. This deserve to be a nickname. Go into a password.

Verify the password by entering it aacquire.


Enter a hint to help you remember the password if you foracquire.

Click on Create User.


Repeat this procedure for user account you"d choose to produce on your Mac.

When the brand-new customers logs right into their account for the first time, they will certainly have the ability to put up their Apple ID and iCloud account.

How to switch in between user accounts on your Mac

Switching between user accounts is as easy as signing out of one and also into an additional. Make sure you switch to your user accounts before connecting your iPhone.

Click on the Apple menu () in the height left edge of your Mac"s display screen.

Select Log Out .

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Select Log Out once the dialog window appears.Select the user account linked through the iPhone you want to sync.

Log in.


Creating a sepaprice iTunes library on your Mac

If everyone in your family members offers the same sync settings and also no one"s iPhone or iPad is minimal with parental controls, you deserve to create sepaprice iTunes libraries rather of having actually a separate user account on your Mac for each perkid. This will permit each of you to sync your particular content, favor movies, music, publications, and apps, without mixing in via anyone else"s content.

How to produce a sepaprice iTunes library on your Mac

Before you start, make sure iTunes is closed completely and also not running in the background.

Quit iTunes. Launch iTunes and organize down the Option key at the same time.

Click on Create Library when the window shows up.


Go into a name for the new library under Save As (I imply naming it after the perboy that will certainly be using it).Make certain the save location is the Music folder.

Click on Save.


Click on iTunes in the application food selection at the top left of your Mac"s display.

Select Preferences from the drop dvery own food selection.


Click on the Advanced tab.

Untick the box for Copy papers to iTunes Media folder once including to library. This action is crucial. It will tell iTunes not to include duplicates of your current iTunes library to the brand-new one.


Connect the iPhone linked via this brand-new iTunes library to your Mac to sync it. All content on that iPhone will certainly sync to this brand-new library. You deserve to also drag and drop movies, music, publications, and other media content from your Mac right into this brand-new iTunes library and it will certainly sync via the linked iPhone. Make sure you resync after any changes you make.Disaffix the iPhone and repeat this procedure for all iPhones in the family members that you want to develop a separate iTunes library for.

How to switch between iTunes libraries on your Mac

Switching between libraries just takes a couple of procedures right when you launch iTunes. Make certain you switch the iTunes library prior to connecting your iPhone.

Quit iTunes. Launch iTunes and also organize dvery own the Option Key at the same time.

Click on Choose Library when the home window shows up.


Select the iTunes library connected through the iPhone you want to sync.Click Open.

Sync the iPhone connected via this library.

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Any questions?

Do you have any kind of questions around creating and also switching in between iTunes accounts or libraries? Placed them in the comments and also we"ll assist you out.