Teen Sounds Like The “Man In Black” In Anvarious other Body

There’s no mistaking Johnny Cash‘s voice for anyone else’s. His deep baritone voice lugged us hit after hit, consisting of among his signature songs, “Ring of Fire.”

But there’s one young male whose voice sounds so much prefer Johnny’s that you’d swear he’s “The Man in Black” in one more body.

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Vince Mira’s voice frequently attracted comparisons to Johnny, and also also captured the attention of his kid, John Carter Cash. In fact, John Carter was so blvery own away by Vince’s voice that he assisted produce his initially document for him.

As you would suppose, Vince is a organic at country and rock and roll music, through his catalog consisting of many kind of of Johnny’s songs.

Vince’s likeness to Johnny additionally recorded the attention of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, that invited him on her show in 2007 once he was only 15 years old.

Vince Mira aka Johnny Cash. A a lot clearer copy than yesterday's. Cshed your eyes and you will check out Johnny Cash. Open them and see a young guy that is a lot handsomer than Johnny.

Posted by Michael Thunder on Thursday, April 23, 2015

Somepoint You Have To Hear To Believe

Vince explained to Ellen that he had actually constantly been singing, but that he actually started out singing Spanish music. He sassist that although he tried to sing Johnny’s songs, he simply didn’t have actually the deep voice to pull them off.

But as soon as he hit 13, Vince sassist he woke up sooner or later and also unexpectedly had actually a new baritone voice, the perfect fit for Johnny’s classical songs.

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Everyone was anxious to hear exactly what Vince was talking around, so he got hold of his guitar and started singing “Ring of Fire.” The crowd was stunned as soon as Vince opened his mouth to sing, because it was prefer Johnny was the one standing appropriate tbelow in front of them.

If that wasn’t sufficient to blow your mind, simply listen to Vince sing Johnny’s “I Walk the Line” in the video listed below.

You could entirely trick your friends by playing his videos without mirroring them your display. They’d simply assume it was Johnny singing!

What perform you think, can you hear the resemblance to Johnny’s voice in Vince’s? How spot-on execute you think it is?