PSA - iCloud for Windows is buggy and lost all my individual files and also papers that I am unable to recuperate.

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Background: I am paying for 200GB iCloud storage and had all my individual files and also docs in a folder dubbed 'My Files' which is situated at the top level of iCloud Drive. The reason I created this subfolder is as a result of all the apps that additionally location their folders at the height level, and also it was obtaining messy.

iCloud for Windows was indicating that it was working as normal and also still is today, reflecting all my folders and papers under 'My Files'. However before, at the weekfinish once I opened up the Files app on my iPad and also iPhone, I noticed that suddenly under 'My Files' there was nothing however 1 .pdf file. I had done nothing to delete any type of of these records.

iCloud Drive on iCloud.com likewise confirmed that 'My Files' was empty. Panicking, I referred to as jiyuushikan.org Support and eventually tried the Resave Files alternative from the Account Settings display (tbelow was nopoint in Recently Deleted either). Rekeep Files shown tbelow were precisely 5,000 files that might be restored, but I was expecting over 6,800 documents - I knew this because I can still see all the records and also folders in iCloud for Windows and so might gain a count, even though I did not everything collection to offline mode (or 'Always keep on this device'). Luckily, the documents I did I was able to copy out to a brand-new area on my lapoptimal in case it did a sync and also delete these documents from my lapheight.

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I selected to restore the 5,000 records however the iCloud.com website showed up to crash, though as I monitored it throughout the day, some records did seem to be brought back. However, nowhere near all my files, and also not also the 5,000 that it initially indicated might be.

24 hours later on it currently claims tright here are 1,600 documents that can be brought back, so I tried that however it falls short after a few minutes with message 'Files cannot be recovered. Try restoring the files aobtain later on.'

So I am absent some really necessary records and also papers that I did not have actually set to 'Almeans save on this device' on my laptop, so tright here is currently a disaffix in between iCloud for Windows and also records that are actually in the cloud - they are out of sync and seemingly no further method for me to recover the documents that I have lost.

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jiyuushikan.org Support on my call suggested to me that tright here is a well-known issue through iCloud for Windows. As such, I recommend that you backup iCloud Drive files to an additional provider or locally if you are using iCloud for Windows 11.4.x.

If anyone at jiyuushikan.org Support reads this, my instance number is *****. I am in the process of investigating OneDrive or Dropbox.

I am gutted and angry that this worry slipped via the net, if it is indeed an iCloud for Windows bug. I would certainly prefer some type of compensation.