To celebprice my Grandma… I wanted to share 86 points I love around her… because she’s among my #1 girl’s in my life!

Reasons Why I Love my Grandma

1. Her love of fashion.

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2. How she always indicators her cards to me… xoxo Grandma (I think that’s wbelow I gain my love of the “xoxo’s”)

3. She had my mother!

4. She always finds the time to visit.

5. Her smile.

6. Talking through her on the phone, ever because I was a little girl, I would certainly speak to her up myself and talk to her for over an hour!

7. She LOVES strawberries!

8. That she’s tiny, but tough!

Great-Grandma Rita & Henry

9. That she STILL to this DAY loves to workout.

10. That we’ve obtained her on email.

11. That she understands just how to email!

12. She loves an excellent romance story.

13. She surprises the boys with a dollar bill eextremely time she sees them.

14. She has never before missed a birthday or an anniversary card for me or the boys!

15. She LOVES St. Patrick’s Day.

Oh, yes. Ryder knows Grandma Rita is here…

16. If she likes a blousage, she gets it in eincredibly shade. I love that!

17. Watching her eyes light up as soon as my boys run to her.

18. Her love of a good shopping pilgrimage.

19. Coming through me to uncover my wedding dress.

20. Staying overnight at our residence eexceptionally Christmas Eve when I was a child so she can check out our deals with as soon as Santa arrived!

8-year old William and Great-Grandma Rita!

21. She plays the Wii through my boys (and she rocks at bowling!).

22. She’s funny as have the right to be!

23. She’s amazingly type to everyone…

24. She loves makeup!

25. The amount of shoes she has… I understand wright here I gain it from!

26. Her stamina – emotionally and also spiritually.

27. She reads

28. She’ll sit and watch the boys play for hours!

29. She looks beautiful in the shade PINK.

30. She loves Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans.

Mom, Grandma, Me and Matron of Honor Audrey (Photo: Nicole Couto)

31. She problems around me once I take a trip.

32. She listens to all the social media stuff I talk around and tries her best to understand it all.

33. She’s a proud Grandma and also Great-Grandma.

34. She’s amazingly independent.

35. She loves to travel.

36. She exemplifies unconditional love.


37. I remember her making a suppose lasagna!

38. She’s beautiful.

39. She loves my mother more than anypoint in the civilization, and also it’s a beautiful point to watch.

40. She provides me desire a daughter because I see their connection.

41. Her laugh is contagious!

42. Her zest for life!

43. Her never-give-up attitude!

Great-Grandma Rita and the Halloween cat!

44. She would come to NYC and visit me as much as she might with my mom. That meant the human being to me.

45. She loves her birthday.

46. She is a complete fashionista… still discovering the trends!

47. She sends out me correct clippings around motherhood… and I love that.

48. She loves to obtain letters and also cards.

49. She loves my mom’s chicken soup.

Ready for even more Reasons Why I Love my Grandma?

50. She loves to tell me stories about my Grandfather.

51. I look at her and think exactly how solid she wregarding store going after my Grandfather passed ameans over 30 years back.

52. She loves California!

My Mom and also her “girls”!

53. She loves the sun!

54. She doesn’t let anything speak her.

55. She loves hugs from my boys.

56. She still dresses up for eincredibly occasion, and also always looks beautiful.

57. She’s right into handbags as much as I am…

58. She’s past generous.

59. She never before asks for anypoint in rerevolve, just a giver.

60. Knows the news inside and also out.

My Mom & me in the 90’s!

61. Loves to go to the movies.

62. Would babysit the boys in a heartbeat if she can.

63. She’s a savvy bit lady!

64. Cares about the food she puts into her body, also at 86 years old!

65. She’s sweet. Very, very sweet.

66. Remembers a ton of stuff… it always amazes me.

67. Loves to see photos of her household.

68. Hand also picks the perfect card for everyone.

l-r: Henry, Ben, Alex, Grandma Rita, William

69. Loves my husband also.

70. Cherishes the moments when she’s with me, my mom and my sister.

71. Always loves to know what makeup brand I have actually on.

72. She’s smart as a whip!

73. Came to the house before eexceptionally dance and also prom as soon as I remained in high school to see me off… I’ll never forget that!

74. She loves to be included in points, so I make certain she’s invited to whatever we have going on.

75. She’s proud of the world she loves.

76. I love that I can contact her up on the phone… and also still talk about anything!

77. The boys keep her young!

78. I love hearing her tell my mommy to “slow down”… she’s still a mother!

Great-Grandma Rita always claims “Grace”…

79. She loves her poached eggs!

80. I love that her apartment has actually so many kind of breakable items, however as soon as my sons come and also visit… she doesn’t treatment if anything gets broken.

81. She’s an incredible role model.

82. I love obtaining her Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter cards.

83. I understand I deserve to go to her for anything…

84. She’s remarkable.

85. She loves my Dad.

86. I’m the lucky one to have her in my life… my whole life I have actually felt her love. She’s someone who I just love to pieces and feel honored to have as my Grandma.

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I love my grandma so a lot. Reasons Why I Love my Grandma – may this list inspire someone to execute the very same for their grandma.

GrandmaRita & Audrey – Brown University

*I shed my grandma last year, so analysis this blog write-up around Reasons Why I Love my Grandma really provides me smile. She was the finest tright here was and I just miss out on her eexceptionally single day. Reasons Why I Love my Grandma must be something you share through YOUR Grandma while you’re together!!!

Reasons Why I Love my Grandma

My mother shared a bunch of tips around being a seasoned GRANDMA… excited to share these with you, too!

Seasoned Grandma Tip #13 – What’s excellent for the goslings is Good for the Grandma!