We are planning to run brand also new 3/4" pipes to our brand also new (not yet built) understand bathroom. Will tright here be a large difference if we obtain fixtures that will certainly take it down to 1/2" (thinking Hansgrohe Thermobalance trim and valve) verses acquiring sepaprice on/off valves (Jaclo)for each function? (Functions: shower head, body sprays, hand also shower, and maybe rain shower.) Contractor claims it"s not worth the added money for the separate valves, but our fixture shop disagrees. Thanks for any type of thoughts!

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Obviously namong the people who have responded have even a remote clue around just how to effectively dimension a line.

When designing a safe and clean water circulation system you begin by choosing all the end usage fixtures to recognize what the end use fill will certainly be. In the situation of the original short article they want a shower head, body sprays, a hand also shower and probably a rain shower head.

Quote:"How many fixtures will certainly you have on at any kind of one time? Remember that 3/4" pipe has actually double the capacity of 1/2" pipe."

Code needs that we style a safe and clean water device for a worst case scenario. The system should be capable of keeping the code listed minimum fixture "Dynamic head pressure" even once every fixture in the residence is turned on at the very same time.

The statement that a 3/4" pipe has actually twice the capacity of a 1/2" pipe is not true. The capacity, or correctly the volume of flow is figured out by the size of the metering orifice in the finish use fixture. It is true that a 3/4" line has double the cross sectional area of a 1/2" line but both will certainly supply the very same volume, the difference being that the velocity of circulation will certainly be twice as rapid in the 1/2" pipe. The problem here is that as the velocity of flow rises the "fiction head push loss" rises drastically. In enhancement to the loss of pressure as a result of friction head if the velocity of flow exceeds 8fps we start seeing sever before pipe wall erosion, which leads to premature pipe failure. In reality, while acidic water is the leading reason of pin hole faitempt in copper pipe, too much velocity in undersized pipe is the second leading cause of pinholes.

Preferably we must have actually the finish usage fixture data obtainable as soon as designing the device yet in situations where that information is not yet accessible we use the gal/min circulation prices that are publiburned in the code.

Now obtaining earlier to the original question. All the finish use fixtures in question are forms of shower heads and also per code shower heads are minimal to 2.5gpm so let us start placing it all in perspective.

Using the code standard of 2.5gpm we get shower head (2.5gpm), hand also shower (2.5gpm) and body sprays (2.5gpm)equates to and also a hand shower(2.5gpm) for a full load of 10gpm.

Consulting the "Type L Copper Friction Loss Table" we uncover that if we supply this shower with a 1/2" line the velocity of circulation would be 13.80ft/sec and also the press loss would be 67.72psi/100ft of pipe.

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If we rise the pipe dimension to 3/4" the velocity of circulation is 6.62ft/sec and a push loss of 11.17psi/100ft.