Error 0xc000000d is a Windows Store that shows up as soon as your PC’s boot configuration is messed up and also the device cannot boot to Windows. A Blue screen is presented, reflecting the error number “0xc000000d” via one of the adhering to messages

Your PC/Device needs to be repaired The Boot Configuration Data document is absent some compelled information


Method 1: Recovery Disc

If you are on a PC and has already developed a recoexceptionally disc before now, this is the time to usage. Even with the error, your keyboard, CD and also USB drives will still be working. Insert the recoexceptionally CD or USB into the drive and also hit ctrl+alt+delete to reboot the computer. As it is beginning up, hit f12 to boot from CD or USB as the instance possibly. Select to perdevelop Windows repair. The computer system must boot simply fine after the repair without the 0xc000000d error.

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See here for a complete overview on exactly how to run Windows recoextremely.

Method 2: Recoincredibly on Microsoft Surchallenge Device

If you encounter this error on your Microsoft Surface Device, then the procedure for creating and running your Windows recoextremely will be slightly various from the procedure described above for your computer.

Retrieve your BitLocker Recoextremely Key

The initially point you must execute when you encounter this error on your Surchallenge is to find wright here you stored your BitLocker Recoexceptionally as your Surchallenge tablet is most most likely encrypted with BitLocker. The BitLocker must have been stored online or in a USB. If your account is joined to a domajor, go ahead and also ask the administrator for aid in receiving it.

If you don’t have the recoexceptionally vital handy, follow the steps outlined in Microsoft BitLocker Recoexceptionally FAQ web page to view if it helps.

Without the recoexceptionally key, there is just no method to get into the mechanism to carry out any recoincredibly. You must go right to Method 3 if you perform not have the BitLocker Recoexceptionally.

Creating a Recoextremely Drive

As the Surchallenge is running Windows 10, you deserve to produce a recoextremely drive from an additional Windows 10 computer. Ssuggest plug in a USB flash drive into the computer, follow the Create Recoexceptionally Drive wizard to develop Windows 10 recoextremely drive. Search Create a Recoincredibly Drive from Start menu to find the tool you need.

Change Surchallenge Firmware to enable boot from USB drive

The following action is to collection the Surconfront to boot from USB drive by complying with the procedures outlined listed below.

Press and hold the power button down, lengthy sufficient to make certain it’s powered off. Press and organize the Volume-Up switch, and also then press and also release the Power button. Hold the Volume-Up switch till the Surconfront UEFI food selection comes up.

For Surface Pro 3 and also Surconfront 3, pick Configure Alteraboriginal System Boot Order, and also select USB > SSD. Disable the Secure Boot Control. Exit

Boot from USB

Rebegin Surface while pressing and holding the Volume-Dvery own button, and release once the Surchallenge logo design disappears.

Go to Troubleshoot > Modern options > Command Prompt.

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Run the adhering to command lines in order:

bootrec /fixmbr bootrec /fixboot bootrec /scanos bootrec /rebuildbcd

Exit Command Prompt window, restart the Surconfront.

Your surconfront should be working just fine afterwards.

Method 3: Windows Reset and Refresh

If all the approaches fail, or unfortunately, you can’t discover your vital, and no various other administrator on the device can discover a backup copy either, you’ll have to restore the PC to manufacturing facility default settings. Only pick this alternative as a last rekind because it will certainly delete your personal information from the COMPUTER. While it helps safeguard your data against unauthorized access, it also avoids you from ever accessing your data again.

Depending on your Windows configuration, you could have the ability to regain your COMPUTER to its factory default settings straight from the Windows recovery display screen.

If you view a connect at the bottom of the recovery screen

Tap or click the Discover even more about resetting your PC to factory defaults link, and also then follow the instructions.

In some Windows configurations, you could must start the recoincredibly process making use of a button rather.

If you see buttons at the bottom of the recoincredibly screen

Tap or click the Discover more about resetting your PC button, and also then follow the instructions.

In various other Windows configurations, you could have the choice of skipping over certain drives without unlocking them.

If you watch an alternative to skip a drive

Tap or click the Skip this drive connect at the bottom of the BitLocker Drive Encryption display to proceed without unlocking the current drive.

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If you skip every one of the BitLocker-encrypted drives, you’ll view a list of advanced repair and startup choices to choose from. Tap or click Repair and also Restore, tap or click Other repair options, and also then tap or click Factory Reset and also follow the instructions.