0xc000000d error

The boot error 0xc000000d is a typically developing error that individuals obtain while signing right into Windows. In basic, this is a blue screen error showing up because of system-level corruption. Furthermore, the error accompanies a message that reads – “Your PC/Device demands to be repaired” or “The Boot Configuration Data paper is absent some forced information”. 

Tbelow are different factors as a result of which the PC becomes unable to boot worries. They might differ from corrupt device papers, damaged BCD codes, to an incorrect Windows 10 upgrade. The startup repair, rebuilding BCD code, use of gain back points are some of the reliable devices to resolve this worry. If not, perform a clean instevery one of Windows 10. Let’s check out the remedies in detail – 

Fix: Boot Configuration Error 0xc000000d Windows 10

To fix the BCD error 0xc000000d on Windows 10 PC, try the complying with suggestions –

1. Use Startup Repair

The instrumental error message “Your PC needs to be repaired 0xc000000d” shows up greatly due to corrupt device papers. Performing Startup Repair might aid to settle such bugs. Here’s how to usage this –

Insert the USB drive (CD, DVD, Flash device) containing bootable Windows Media to the corresponding port.Rebegin Windows and while it is loading, push the supportive feature crucial (F2, F4, F10, F12, Del, Esc) to boot right into the BIOS mode.When the Windows Setup web page appears, pick your preferred language, time, currency format, and also Input method.Click Next to continue additionally.Subsequently, hit Repair your computer.Select Troubleshoot then Modern options on the upcoming page.

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When the State-of-the-art Options web page comes right into appearance, click Automatic Repair.Windows will certainly immediately enter the repairing mode, go via the thorough instructions to complete the staying steps. Once this is over, Reboot COMPUTER and inspect whether the worry gets resolved or still occurs.

2. Repair BCD code

In situation the Startup repair doesn’t solve the 0xc000000d error, the BCD codes might have come to be corrupt. So, you have to reconstruct the Boot configuration data using the Command Prompt. Here’s just how to proceed –

Insert the Windows installation media and reboot your device.Navigate to the following deal with –

Repair your computer -> Troubleshoot -> Modern options

Here, the display display screens six different options, pick the Command Prompt.


On the elevated console, run the listed below codes one by one. Make certain to press Enter at the end of each command also line –

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /scanos

bootrec /rebuildbcd

Reboot Windows when aget to incorpoprice the over changes.

Tip: If you get an error message “Total Identified Windows Installations 0” after executing the bootrec /rebuildbcd code, try the following solution to deal with this bug.

3. Use System Rekeep Point

If you are still getting the Windows Crash Error 0xc000000d, attempt using the mechanism backup. In case you haven’t created any restore suggest in the past, skip this technique. 

Due to the fact that the system restore features a suggest state as soon as your COMPUTER was functioning pretty well, using this may fix the 0xc000000d error. Follow the listed below procedures to perdevelop this job –

Boot your system using a USB drive containing the bootable Windows media.Now, reach out to the complying with resolve –

Repair your computer -> Troubleshoot -> Advanced options

Here, hit System Restore on the “Cutting edge Options” list.Now, usage the on-screen instructions to reclaim PC to its prior functioning state.

4. Create and also Use a Recovery Drive

As per certain user’s POV, they succeed to control BCD error 0xc000000d by just creating a recoexceptionally disk. All they carry out is to revert earlier OS to its previous settings and that helps to diagnose the concern. To produce the recoincredibly drive, you need to have actually another computer system and also go through the listed below steps –

Plug the fully formatted USB flash drive inside the second computer.Press Victory & S to begin the Search bar.Type “Create a Recoincredibly Drive” in the message box and hit Enter.If the UAC window prompts, hit Yes to permit the accessibility.Now, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the continuing to be procedures.After you create a recoexceptionally drive successfully, boot your COMPUTER making use of the USB flash drive.

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I hope this time you succeed to settle the BCD error code 0xc000000d.

5. Clean install Windows 10

If you still can’t repair the 0xc000000d bug, we recommend percreating a clean install of Windows 10. Although this calls for expertise and patience, this will definitely resolve this error. Here’s just how to continue –

Insert the USB drive (containing the bootable Media) and also Rebegin Windows.If you don’t have a bootable device, manually develop this.Press any type of of the feature tricks (F2, F12, F10, Del, Esc, Backspace) while Windows is loading. On the Windows Setup page, pick your wanted language and tap Next.Subsequently, click Install Now to go ahead.


A brand-new prompt might pop-up, asking to enter the valid license key.If you don’t have actually this at hand, select “I don’t have a product key” to skip validating Windows. 

Note: You deserve to bypass the license crucial temporarily only. For smooth Windows operation, put the key-value later.

Now pick the OS that you want to install after that Next to continue.Accept the license terms and also problems followed by Next again.Afterward, pick any among the approaches to reinstall the Windows 10 OS.

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“<Upgrade: Install Windows and store files, settings, and also applications>: This will certainly save all your files, settings, and applications saved in the mechanism partition. However before, it is just obtainable when a sustained variation of Windows is already running on the computer system.”

“<Custom: Install Windows just (advanced)>: This will certainly remove all your personal documents, settings, and also applications and provide you a clean install of Windows 10. You deserve to make changes to partitions and drives. It is recommfinished to backup your documents before you continue.”

Go through the On-display Instructions to complete fresh installing Windows 10.Once over, boot your system and inspect if the boot error 0xc000000d has resolved or not.

6. Rearea HDD

If even after trying every one of the above fixes, you encounter the 0xc000000d error; tbelow is a opportunity of hardware corruption. To figure out whether a difficult disk is functioning well or not, execute the CHKDSK command also. 

Note: Before replacing any type of hardware, make sure to take a full backup of all individual files/folders or settings.