Windows Activation Error code 0x80041023 occurs when you upgrade Windows 10 or perform a new installation on your computer. Tbelow are several scenarios approximately this error. Perhaps you have an invalid crucial or are upgrading from Windows Home to Windows Pro. Let’s see exactly how to resolve the Windows activation error with code0x80041023. The just means out is to buy a valid vital, and also we imply you buy one from the Windows Store.

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Windows activation error code 0x80041023

Before you begin, make certain that you always log in through your Microsoft account so that the license deserve to be linked to your account. That way, you can easily reactivate your computer.

What causes Windows 10 activation error 0x80041023?


We investigated activation error 0x80041023 by analyzing various user reports and testing different repair techniques that some affected customers used to settle the difficulty. It turns out that tright here are several different scenarios that have the right to trigger error 0x80041023. Here’s a shortlist of possible culprits:

OEM license can’t be activated: If you have actually an OEM license, you won’t have the ability to usage the activation essential if you’ve upgraded from an older variation. If this scenario uses, please describe “Upgrading OEM Licenses” to learn how to stop the error code.

Windows is trying to use a vital stored in the BIOS: Anvarious other opportunity is that your computer’s BIOS still has the Windows Home crucial. If you try to activate the operating device, you won’t be able to execute so in the traditional method. In this situation, you must usage SLMGR to activate it and overcompose the old key.

If you are currently having actually trouble gaining past this error code and also activating your actual Windows 10 license, describe this short article for troubleshooting steps. Below are two approaches that various other individuals in the same case have actually effectively offered to resolve the difficulty.

For finest results, we recommend that you follow the feasible services in the order in which we have provided them. Regardless of the scenario in which you encounter activation error code 0x80041023, you have to have the ability to follow specific procedures that will settle the difficulty (assuming your Windows 10 license vital is valid).

How to solve error 0x80041023?


Make certain that you have actually gotten in your product crucial effectively.

First, make sure that you have actually entered a valid product crucial.

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To carry out this, press the vital combination Windows + S.Type cmd in the search box that opens.Right-click the command also line and also select Run as administrator from the context food selection.In the command also line window, form the following command: wmic path software licensing company gets OA3xOriginalProductKey.When you push Go into, the product crucial will appear on the display screen.Write dvery own the product essential that shows up.Go into this vital in the Product Key area.Activate Windows 10 using the SLMGR command also.

If you are trying to activate Windows 10 Pro after upgrading from home, try activating the platcreate utilizing a tradition request.

To do this, push the Windows + R essential combination.Type cmd in the Run text box.Press the essential combicountry Ctrl + Shift + Enter, which will certainly open up an increased command also prompt home window.Then kind this command and also push Enter: slmgr /ipk (Windows Key). Replace the wildcard (Windows Key) through your actual product crucial.When prompted, type slmgr /ato and press Rerotate.Reboot Windows after activating your product vital.Get a brand-new valid key

If you are reinstalling Windows 10, keep in mind that the key you offered to activate the platdevelop previously may be a one-time MAK crucial. In this instance, you will not have the ability to activate the platdevelop you simply mounted through the same MAK key. In this situation, you should gain a brand-new activation vital for Windows 10 from the MS Store or Amazon.

Are you trying to upgrade from an OEM license to a greater license?

Activation error 0x80041023 likewise occurs for individuals trying to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro using OEM licenses. These OEM licenses are scheduled for brand-new PCs just.

As such, activating Windows 10 Pro on a COMPUTER that originally shipped with an OEM license for Windows 10 Home will not occupational. In this case, you will have to reinstall the original Windows 10 Home and also upgrade it to Pro Edition by means of MS Store.

To make sure the product crucial is a non-transferable OEM vital, reinstall Windows 10 Home. Then open the order prompt. Type slmgr /dli at the prompt and also push Enter. A “Script Host” home window will open via the license kind.

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If namong the above options resolve activation error 0x80041023, call Microsoft support.

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Check if you have entered the product key properly. First, make sure that you enter a valid product vital.Activate Windows 10 utilizing the SLMGR command. If you"re trying to activate Windows 10 Pro after updating from house, attempt activating the platdevelop utilizing the command line.Get a new valid essential.