What is Apple Configurator ?

Apple Configurator is a cost-free utility tool that enables configuring, enrolling and deploying corporate-owned iOS, iPadOS and tvOS tools in the enterpclimb via a USB link. It aids in the automated mass enrollment of Apple gadgets making use of MDM and pre-loading the devices via the connected propapers and spread apps before handing them out to users.

Apple Configurator 2 is the latest variation of this tool available that makes the deployment process of corpoprice iOS gadgets much easier and also even more effective. You can also assign customers to gadgets and supervise them, exercising extra control. Administrators deserve to enpressure mobile defense on regulated tools by importing existing profiles or producing new configuration prorecords.

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You have the right to use Apple Configurator 2 to enroll devices not purchased straight from Apple or its reseller via ABM as described below.

Similarly, Mobile Device Manager Plus additionally supports enrollment of Apple TV utilizing Apple Configurator 2. Follow the actions provided right here to learn how to usage Apple Configurator 2 to enroll Apple TV.

Benefits of integrating MDM with Apple Configurator 2

The benefits of using Apple Configurator 2 is pointed out below:

Push precharacterized configurations for corporate iOS gadgets.

Automatic enrollment via Mobile Device Manager Plus.

Enroll gadgets in bulk.

We have made your task simpler! Learn how to set up and also usage Apple Configurator 2 in just 3 minutes via this demo video.

How to enroll iOS gadgets utilizing Apple Configurator?

Prerequisites for enrollment:

To use Apple Configurator 2, encertain your Mac is running on 10.7 or later versions of operating systems.

It is recommended to update your iTunes prior to installing the Apple Configurator Utility.

Apple Configurator 2 with MDM deserve to be supplied just for tools running  iOS 6 or later versions. If any type of tool with lower versions is used, then the Operating System of the devices are immediately upgraded to the latest.

You have the right to use Apple Configurator 2 to enroll multiple devices at the exact same time. Follow the procedures mentioned listed below to learn just how to use and also enroll multiple tools making use of Apple Configurator.

Prepare Apple Configurator 2.0

After installing the Apple Configurator 2, you have to follow the procedures mentioned below to Prepare Apple Configurator2.0:

On Apple Configurator 2, click File, pick New Profile and also then choose Wi-Fi. Do not modify any various other prorecords as this could affect the prorecords dispersed utilizing MDM.


Create a Wi-Fi profile and also conserve it.


Click Documents and pick New Blueprint and name it.


Open the newly developed Blueprint and click Profiles, you have to add the freshly created Wi-Fi profile (which was created in action #2).


Right-click and also choose Prepare as displayed in the listed below photo.


Add the brand-new server details by specifying the Server Name and also Enrollment URL, configured in the MDM server.



Trust anchor certificates are immediately added
. If Apple Configurator takes also lengthy to fetch anchor certificates, skip and also continue straight to the Assign to organization action by clicking Next off.


Specify the name and also details of the company by producing a brand-new company on Apple Configurator 2.



Choose Geneprice a new supervision identity to produce a brand-new Supervision identity on Apple Configurator 2.


If you had allowed the option to add devices to DEP utilizing Apple Configurator, enter your ABM account credentials


Configure iOS setup assistant by clicking Prepare.

Once the configuration on Apple Configurator 2 is done, attach the tools to a Mac via USB. Now in Apple Configurator, select the device, choose the created blueprint and also add it to the tool to be enrolled. Once this is done, the device restarts and also the process is completed by accepting the produced profile in the device. After completion, the device gets included to the MDM Server from wright here the gadget have the right to be assigned to the user.

Enroll Devices to the MDM server from Apple Configurator

In order to enroll devices, you need to specify the ME MDM server URL on Apple Configurator 2. You have the right to find theURL, in the below-pointed out location:

On the MDM Product server consingle, select Enrollment.Under iOS choose Apple Configurator.Select Configuration Steps, navigate to the fifth slide and also copy the URL. On Apple Configurator 2, carry out the URL replicated from the MDM server.

Assign Users

You have the right to watch all the tools are provided in the MDM server, under Apple Configurator. You have the right to asauthorize the tools to proper individuals. Once the individuals are assigned, you have the right to seethe tools provided under Managed tools view on the MDM server.

Troubleshooting Tips

Throughout device activation, you encounter the error A cloud configuration is already existing on this gadget .

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Connect the tool earlier to Apple Configurator. Right-click the gadget and choose Restore. This re-downtons configurations right into the device and fixes the difficulty.

While configuring the Blueprint on Apple Configurator, you are prompted to enter the Apple ID and also password and also are unable to skip this step.

This is a default screen which appears while configuring a Blueprint. You cannot skip this step if you have enabled the option to Add tool to DEP portal in the first action. If you perform not desire to include the gadgets to ABM, unexamine the choice and also skip the step requesting for Apple credentials. Else, enter the ABM portal details and also click on Next.

When you select Apply Configuration on Apple Configurator, you enrespond to a Session Time Out error.

In this instance, verify the Web connectivity and also reattempt using configuration on Apple Configurator.

While configuring the Blueprint, the screen gets stuck on Fetching Anchor Certificates or if the Certificates are not fetched

You can safely click on Next as this step does not affect the blueprint creation.

You are trying to enroll a maker and also gain an unintended error via Faicaused retrieve IMEI.

This error occurs when the device is already enrolled through Apple Configurator or when you enroll various types of gadgets choose iPhones and also iPads consecutively utilizing Apple Configurator. Since an iPhone has an IMEI number (which is compelled for enrollment in some cases), it is automatically detected and also the enrollment is completed. Due to the fact that an iPad does not have an IMEI number this error is presented. Rekeep the tool and also attempt enrolling it aobtain. NOTE: Certain iPads execute have actually the IMEI number while enrolling, in which case this error does not take place.

You are trying to enroll a device and enrespond to the error The tool does not recognize the organize.

This error occurs once the restriction Allow iTunes pairing and also various other USB connections have been applied to the device. This restriction prevents the connection with all other tools other than the one used for Supervising it. Rerelocate the restriction from the device or enroll using the machine previously used for Supervising the gadget.

Unable to verify the server’s enrollment URL. A server with the stated hostname can not be discovered.

This message is presented on Apple Configurator when the MDM server is not reachable or the correct organize URL is not gone into. Verify if the MDM server, the Mac machine running Apple Configurator, and also the gadgets to be enrolled are in the very same netoccupational. Also, ensure that the organize URL which is available on the MDM server, is gotten in correctly.

While percreating provisional enrollment of devices not purchased from authorized resellers, you get the error Provisional enrollment failed: device is currently in Device Enrollment Program.

This error on Apple Configurator Provisional enrollment failed: device is currently in Device Enrollment Program occurs when the device you are trying to enroll is already available in the ABM portal. Check if the gadget is easily accessible in the server titled Devices Added by Apple Configurator 2 or is assigned to a different server in the ABM portal.

While performing provisional enrollment of devices not purchased from authorized resellers, you obtain the error Provisional enrollment failed: Network-related error.

This error on Apple Configurator, Provisional enrollment failed: Network error occurs once the tool you are trying to enroll is currently available in the ABM portal. Check if the gadget is easily accessible in the server titled Devices Added by Apple Configurator 2 or is assigned to a various server in the ABM portal. If you are unable to uncover the gadget, attempt connecting to a different network-related to enroll the tool.

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Why are my gadgets not noted under ABM tab as soon as I add the tools to ABM using Apple Configurator?

When gadgets are enrolbrought about ABM utilizing Apple Configurator, the tools will certainly be initially provided under Apple Configurator tab even though they are included to the ABM portal. When the user assignment is complete, these tools will certainly be moved to Managed gadgets tab.

While enrolling tools to the Device Enrollment Program or Apple Business Manager, you enrespond to an error Apple Configurator 2 cannot access the Device Enrollment Program

You might encounter this error Apple Configurator 2 cannot access the Device Enrollment Program if tbelow are network-related issues as a result of which https://mdmenrollment.apple.com is not reachable or when the Apple servers are dvery own. Verify your network connectivity and also attempt aget after at some point.